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Elladan and Elrohir (Plus an Elrond family pic!)

  I've been pretty eager to add the twins to my growing collection of Elven badasses . These models are not bad for older metallics. They were pretty fun to paint; but not nearly as rewarding as that new Glorfindel model!  

Orctober Part 2: Orcs of Mordor

 Last time I posted the heroes of Mordor ... so today it's time to look at the rank and file. 

Mordor Troll Chieftain

Just a quick post today as I wrapped up a Mordor Troll chieftain last night. Like the Slap Chop Troll Boy , I did a quick and dirty black spray coat, followed by a grey drybrush, followed by a white drybrush.

Theodred's Guard vs Mordor in Capture and Control. 700 points.

 It was high time I took my turn with Theodred's Guard. After Andrew ran them twice against Angmar , I was excited to give them a shot! We played at 700 so Andrew could test out the Mordor Troll chieftain he'd been interested in seeing on the table. We're proxying the regular troll for the game, but the actual chieftain will be done soon! I'll post some pics here when he's ready.

The Grey Company vs Angmar in Divide and Conquer. 650 points.

I was excited to see the Grey Company on the board again! They're fun to play; if a little tedious tracking their resource expenditures. My last few games as Angmar showed me just how nasty that list is; but I was really excited to face them across the field of battle today as Andrew gave them a spin for the first time.

3D Printed Ruined Tower

 Quick post today with a few pics of a ruined tower I printed and painted from The Print Goes Ever On .

Theodred's Guard vs Angmar Part 2: 650 point Hold Ground

After our first round , we were eager to see Theodred get another shot at Angmar. Gulhavar is just gross, and we want to try to figure that puzzle out! We rolled for scenario and came up with Hold Ground; which I think was a good test of both lists. 

Rohan Army Showcase October 2022

Recently I took inventory of how many miniatures I have painted since picking up the Battle of the Pelennor fields box set and... it's a lot. So, it seemed like a fun time to reflect on all that I have painted and post some army showcases! First up are my beloved Rohirrim. 

Theodred's Guard vs Angmar 650 in Clash by Moonlight

With my recently completed Gulavhar proxy , and  Grimbold and Theodred , we were excited to see some new models on the field! So Andrew and I rolled up a scenario (we decided not to do any vetoing this time), and came up with Clash by Moonlight. VERY good for throwing spears... but Gulhavar is also happy to slay the Rohan heroes.

Gulavhar, Terror of Arnor (sort of...)

  I've been working on some Angmar spookies for a little while, and really felt like a Gulavhar was needed to bring the whole thing together. The actual Gulavhar is both difficult to find and... honestly? I think it's ugly. I found another blog where someone converted a Varghulf Courtier from AoS into Gulahvar and really liked the look so I stole the idea.

Orctober Part One: Orc Heroes of Mordor

The Age of Man is Over... the time of Orctober has come. I have a ton of Orcs, and thought it'd be fun to take inventory. So, to kick things of... the man himself. The Age of Man is Over...

Rivendell vs The Iron Hills in Storm the Camp - 600 Points

  Andrew and John played their league game today at my place after John and I played ours . As usual, three scenarios were rolled up. Andrew vetoed Contest of Champions while John vetoed Clash by Moonlight. The remaining scenario was Storm the Camp.

Riders of Theoden vs The Iron Hills in Divide and Conquer

  John and I played my final league game- he was running Iron Hills and I, of course, my Riders of Theoden. As usual, we rolled 3 scenarios- all 3 of the maneuver scenarios! John vetoed Reconnoiter and I vetoed Storm the camp. That left Divide and Conquer.

Quick and dirty 3D printed objective markers

Since we first started, we've been using some weird octagon KillTeam objective markers and that just will not stand! I didn't want to individually sculpt 6 markers on bases and most of the 3D print options I had found were treasure chests and the like, which didn't grab me or weren't on 25mm bases.