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Angmar vs the Last Alliance. 800 Points in Reconoitter.

  Well, it's that time again where spooky Angmar orcs go from door to door asking for elven treats. I've been wanting to really dig into Angmar for a while and andrew obliged by running the Last Alliance list he's been tuning for some time. We rolled for scenario and got Reconnoiter. Over all, that feels like it favors Angmar a bit more, but anything is possible in the great game of MESBG!

600 Point Minas Tirith Tournament Battle Report!

A few days ago I got to play in the 2nd "To War!" escalation event hosted by the inimitable Fredericksburg VA crew. The last time around I ran Rivendell and did quite well! For this round I am only able to make the first game (due to getting married in November! Sorry to my friends who are missing the second round on the same day!) I set out to make a list and, to be totally honest, hemmed and hawed until the last possible second. The list I cam up with did not have me super excited, but to War I go!

Rohan King's Huntspeople

After listening to the Green Dragon Podcast 's Rohan episode, I was pretty hype to try the Kings Huntsman profile. I painted up three huntspeople quickly and am pretty happy with the result!   

Operation Sunrise Part II: Tanks for the Memories

This is the second mission in operation Sunrise.  Location: Stein’s Folly- Along the Coastal Road Weather: Moderate Time of Day: Morning Mission Briefing: The Capellan Confederation continues to advance across all fronts and while resistance is stiff, The Federated Suns are losing ground. Sunset Company is being tasked with a dangerous mission- as Capellan forces are stretched you are to slip through the lines and violently strike at one of their logistic centers. We expect the centers to be relatively lightly guarded with second tier units, though the location is close enough to the front lines that reinforcements may be nearby. Primary Objective: Either eliminate the second tier defence forces, or eliminate both the supply depot/munitions manufacturing and the VTOL port.

Minas Tirith vs The Last Alliance in Lords of Battle at 600 points.

 We've been doing quite a bit at 600 lately! It had been a while since I ran my Minas Tirith forces and Andrew was eager to give Gil-Galad and Elendil a shot so... we did just that.

Operation Sunrise Part One: Planetfall

  Herein lies the official operation log of Sunset Company . Buyer: The Federated Suns (Princess Lauriana Davion) Mission 1- Planetfall Location: Stein’s Folly- on the border of the Capellan Federation & Federated Suns territory Weather: Moderate Time of Day: Mid Day Mission Briefing: The Capellan Federation has launched an attack across our borders once again. The Deep Space Listening station in polar-synchronous orbit has detected a large flotilla of drop-capable ships approaching Stein’s folly; an important border world for the Federated Suns. I don’t know a thing about your merc company; and that probably means you’re not even worth knowing about. What you have, however, are mechs within immediate jump distance of Stein’s Folly; and your price is hilariously low. So, congratulations Sunset Company, you’re going into the meat grinder. Your job is to engage and slow elements of House Liao’s regular forces along the coastal road near Lollan until our reserves can arrive to hold

Iron hills vs Rivendell and Galadriel in Reconnoiter at 600 points.

It had been a little while since our Iron Hills saw the table and Andrew wanted to try his Rivendell and Galadriel list again so- to the table we go! We've stopped doing the veto system and instead just going with what the dice Gods decree. We rolled reconnoiter which, as we are natural sprinters and wasted on cross country, I was not excited about; but I am grateful we played this scenario to see it play out. I would have absolutely  veto'd this and missed out on a doozy of a game.

The game room overhaul

After a few years, it was time for a total game room overhaul. I had the space trying to pull triple duty with a couch/TV space, my office, and the game room. Frankly, it was feeling too cramped, looking too cluttered, and the TV was barely seeing any use. So, with the support of my fiancee (6 weeks till the big day! It's a big part of what's been keeping me so busy, dear readers) I did a complete overhaul of the game room.