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Operation Sunrise Part II: Tanks for the Memories

This is the second mission in operation Sunrise. 

Location: Stein’s Folly- Along the Coastal Road

Weather: Moderate

Time of Day: Morning

Mission Briefing: The Capellan Confederation continues to advance across all fronts and while resistance is stiff,

The Federated Suns are losing ground. Sunset Company is being tasked with a dangerous mission-

as Capellan forces are stretched you are to slip through the lines and violently strike at one of their logistic centers.

We expect the centers to be relatively lightly guarded with second tier units, though the location is close enough

to the front lines that reinforcements may be nearby.

Primary Objective: Either eliminate the second tier defence forces, or eliminate both the supply depot/munitions manufacturing and the VTOL port.

Capellan Manticores defend the strategically important logistics center.

Sunset company advances in force, facing stiff resistance in the form of Manticores and VTOL.

Overall, casualties are light on both sides, but Sunset stay focused on the mission.

Sunset 4, AKA "Bags", the Jenner adrenaline junky raced behind enemy lines to attack the VTOL station; bringing it down with a final kick.

"R.L. Steiner" and "Slowdraw" took up Sunset's left flank, tying down much of the enemy armor and focusing on the primary facility.

Painting tiny little cars is fun.

"Bags", "Slowdraw", and "R.L. Steiner" take down both primary objectives and begin falling back to the dropship.
Meanwhile, Sunset 2 AKA "XXX" finally went down to a PPC headshot while tying down the entire right flank in Sunset's Banshee. Fortunately, the cockpit was shorn clean off so the Banshee will be back in operation! The same can sadly not be said about "XXX".

OUTCOME: Sunset company successfully eliminated both facilities before nearly successful extract. Sunset 2 KIA. No significant damage retained on mechs.


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