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Rivendell (House of Elrond) vs Mordor in Recon' 800 points

I still owe y'all a post with pictures from my New Zealand honeymoon, BUT let's get back to business and post up a battle report, eh? Andrew has been tinkering with a Razgush + bats Mordor list, and wanted to put it on the table. Bit of an experiment; are the bats worth it? Let's see! I whipped up a slightly  less sweaty Rivendell list; leaning into the theme of "Elrond and kids". Today we rolled for pool and then veto'd within that pool, settling on Recon'.
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Morgul Knights

Quick post today! Sorry for the radio silence, just got back from my honeymoon- which included a brief stop in Middle Earth! I'll do a full Hobbiton post shortly. For today- here's the last models I painted before galivanting around the world for a few weeks!


  Location: Stein’s Folly- Steinsdown Weather: clear Time of Day: Afternoon Mission Briefing: Davion forces have dropped in force on the Highland Peninsula, and Capellan forces have retreated to defensible positions. Sunset company’s task is simple. Attack the city of Steinsdown while Davion forces encircle, cutting off the Capellan’s retreat. Eliminate all resistance with prejudice. Special rules:  The enemy has been cutoff and demoralized. If they roll snake eyes on ANY pilot check; they will eject. Primary Objective: Eliminate all enemy forces.


Location: Stein’s Folly Second Moon- Near a military research facility Weather: Vacuum Time of Day: Evening Mission Briefing: As the Capellan confederation continues to lay siege to Stein’s Folly, sunset is going to be sent to the second moon of the planet to strike hard at a Capellan special forces group that is ransacking a military facility for material and research. The unit is led by the infamous Farzad Rah’ael and we believe eliminating that pilot in his custom Battlemaster would be a significant hit to the Capellan’s morale. Sunset, you’re up!

Angmar vs the Last Alliance. 800 Points in Reconoitter.

  Well, it's that time again where spooky Angmar orcs go from door to door asking for elven treats. I've been wanting to really dig into Angmar for a while and andrew obliged by running the Last Alliance list he's been tuning for some time. We rolled for scenario and got Reconnoiter. Over all, that feels like it favors Angmar a bit more, but anything is possible in the great game of MESBG!

600 Point Minas Tirith Tournament Battle Report!

A few days ago I got to play in the 2nd "To War!" escalation event hosted by the inimitable Fredericksburg VA crew. The last time around I ran Rivendell and did quite well! For this round I am only able to make the first game (due to getting married in November! Sorry to my friends who are missing the second round on the same day!) I set out to make a list and, to be totally honest, hemmed and hawed until the last possible second. The list I cam up with did not have me super excited, but to War I go!

Rohan King's Huntspeople

After listening to the Green Dragon Podcast 's Rohan episode, I was pretty hype to try the Kings Huntsman profile. I painted up three huntspeople quickly and am pretty happy with the result!