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Gathering Storm Escalation tournament report!

 Hey y'all! I spent some time editing up a video for this one, so plastering that here!
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Ambush at Amon Hen!

  Chris and I were looking to get a game in, but neither of us were feeling anything particularly "sweaty", or "meta" and so opted to do something I have yet to try in ME- play a scenario! With my recently completed fellowship we opted for the Ambush at Amon Hen.

Angmar vs Erebor Reclaimed. Capture and Control 400 points

 Andrew and I are gearing up for a cool escalation tournament that starts at 400, goes to 650, and ends at 800 with 2 games at each level. One minor twist is that every model in the lower points must be represented at the higher points levels which leads to some interesting list building. Andrew and I tested our 400 pointers to see what we thought!

The Fellowship of the Ring

  Following up from my previous Three Hunters post and, before that, Boromir ; I finally finished Gandalf the Grey and the four hobbits to round out my Fellowship of the Ring!

Serpent Riders

To supplement our  bourgeoning Serpent Horde army , I painted 4 Serpent Riders to accompany Suladan into battle. These were some of the most rewarding models I've ever painted! Now that we have quite a huge collection I am spending more time on models (and thus have mostly eschewed contrast paints) and the results are so much better in my humble opinion!

Mordor and the Serpent Horde vs Erebor Reclaimed and Rivendell in To the Death

First of all, thank you to everyone who's watched our video battle reports so far ! We're hugely grateful and will continue to improve! This battle report is available in video form here , and while it represents a big improvement over our first; I can tell you that the next one is an even bigger leap in quality so thanks for sticking with us!

Isengard vs Minas Tirith & Rohan in Retrieval. 800 points!!

  In today's game we ask the question: What if Gondor DID show up as the Westfold was falling, and the Westfold looked a lot like Osgiliath? Read on to see!