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600 Point Helm's Guard Tournament Report

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of playing in a 600 point tournament at Battlegrounds in Richmond, VA! I opted to run Helm Hammerhand as I was just really enjoying the list in the past two games I played.  I didn't change up my list much, opting to run just Helm and one captain.

Iron Hills Painting Progress!

Just a quick post today highlighting my growing Iron Hills collection. With every model pictured here I am just shy of 600 points which feels like a "full sized" game to me. Next, I'll be adding a Captain mounted on Goat, a banner, some crossbows, and finally some Goat cavalry to take me to 800 points. Someday I want to add the Ballista!

Helm’s Guard vs Mordor: the rematch! Divide and conquer at 600.

  After our previous, decidedly one-sided game , both Andrew and I wanted to see these two forces square off again on the table! We each made a few tweaks to our list- I added some Riders of Rohan for a little flank harassment and Andrew replaced Shagrat with Goroth, and replaced Guritz with Kardush. Both excellent choices! As usual we used the veto system. I eliminated Assassination while Andrew nixed Heirlooms of Ages Past. That left us with Divide and Conquer.

Helm's Guard Legendary Legion vs Mordor in Fog of War at 600.

Having recently completed Helm Hammerhand , I couldn't wait to try him out on the board! Andrew obliged with a 600 point Mordor list complete with Shaggy and the Witch King himself. We used the veto system with Andrew squashing contest of champions and me killing Heirlooms of Ages past which left Fog of War.

Helm Hammerhand

 Another quick painting post today! The man, the legend: Helm Hammerhand. I used Slapchop on this guy, but did spend a good amount of time on the model since the sculpt is gorgeous. Really looking forward to getting him on the table!

Minas Tirith vs Rivendell in Domination. 650 Points

  Finally, it was time to put Boromir, Captain of the White Tower on the board. Alongside Boromir, I'd be putting an Avenger Bolt Thrower down- two brand new elements of the Minas Tirith army I've been excited to try! We rolled up three scenarios: I veto'd Hold Ground and Andrew veto'd Contest of champions which had us settling on Domination. Finally, I also recently finished a new terrain piece so opted to play on a heavy Osgiliath-themed board.