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Suladan the Serpent Lord

  I've been pretty excited about painting Suladan for some time. I just really dig how different  the Serpent Horde are. More bright colors; very little armor, etc. So, finally, I put brush to model and got to work.

Mordor with Great Beast vs Iron Hills and Halls of Thranduil!

Over the holiday break, I was able to get a game in with Adam- who I always enjoy playing! We first played at a 600 point tournament , and again for a fun game where he ran a horde of Uruk scouts . I decided to take the Great Beast out for a spin again- and also wanted to try the Witch King on a Fell Beast after doing a full 360* on thinking it's a worthwhile purchase. We rolled for scenario, and got Destroy the Supplies which is quite possibly my favorite of all of the scenarios.

Thorin and Dwalin, Champions of Erebor

  Quick painting update today! Thorin and Dwalin from the Erebor reclaimed list both on goats. These are 3D prints from Dandelion in Middle Earth .

Erebor Reclaimed vs Mordor in Destroy the Supplies!

After much of my recent painting, it was only logical to get Razgush, Dwalin, and Thorin on the board! Also, I hadn't run Gwaihir in a while and he did show up at the Battle of Five Armies so it was also thematic. Andrew, on the other hand, is continuing to hone his Razgush list, this time opting to go oppressive with the spellcasting with both the Mouth of Sauron and the Witch King, while having the Witch King pull double duty on the Fell Beast.

Some more(dor) recent painting: Razgush and Muzgur

We've been pretty smitten by Razgush lately, as you can tell from some of our recent battle reports  and I've finally gotten him painted. I also knocked out Muzgur... and maybe pulled the trigger on a bunch of Moria stuff to try out Assault on Lothlorien. I am usually late to the party on things like that, but it will be fun to have a super meta army in our collection beside Angmar.

There and back again: My visit to Middle Earth!

If you've noticed that posts here have been a bit slow of late it's because I've been quite busy; and one of the things occupying my time was getting ready for my wedding and subsequent New Zealand honeymoon! Of chief importance to readers of this blog, I'm sure, are two stops we made in New Zealand: Hobbiton and a Weta Workshop showcase in Auckland. Pics to follow!

Iron Hills vs Mordor in Capture and Control at 800.

Andrew and I called our previous game early as it was going pretty lopsided very quickly and decided to get in a second one. I thought it'd be fun to throw Iron Hills on the table again and whipped up a quick list while Andrew laid out a new board. We rolled for scenario and came up with Capture and Control which is one of my favorites.

Rivendell (House of Elrond) vs Mordor in Recon' 800 points

I still owe y'all a post with pictures from my New Zealand honeymoon, BUT let's get back to business and post up a battle report, eh? Andrew has been tinkering with a Razgush + bats Mordor list, and wanted to put it on the table. Bit of an experiment; are the bats worth it? Let's see! I whipped up a slightly  less sweaty Rivendell list; leaning into the theme of "Elrond and kids". Today we rolled for pool and then veto'd within that pool, settling on Recon'.