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Erebor Reclaimed vs Mordor in Destroy the Supplies!

After much of my recent painting, it was only logical to get Razgush, Dwalin, and Thorin on the board! Also, I hadn't run Gwaihir in a while and he did show up at the Battle of Five Armies so it was also thematic. Andrew, on the other hand, is continuing to hone his Razgush list, this time opting to go oppressive with the spellcasting with both the Mouth of Sauron and the Witch King, while having the Witch King pull double duty on the Fell Beast.

We rolled for 3 scenarios and veto'd from there. We rolled Contest of Champions (which Andrew veto'd) and Control the Battlefield which I veto'd. That left us with Destroy the Supplies. With three fighters and significantly greater numbers I knew I was on my backfoot but the dwarves have faced worse obstacles before!
Andrew's latest incarnation of his Razgush list. I love it.

My list. Kinda neat- no army bonuses but some strong heroes. Should be a fun matchup!

The board from my point of view...

...and Andrew's view. Boy, his pictures look a lot better than mine! This led me down a path of monkeying with my pic settings so... stay tuned.

Thorin and Gwaihir deploy on my right flank (Andrew's left).

We spend the next few turns jockeying, but mostly Andrew is rushing me with his vastly superior numbers. The Mouth marches and both the Witch King and the Mouth focus on draining Gwaihir's courage. I opt to save my will for avoiding transfix, but boy it hurts.

Gwaihir waits to dive in as I keep winning priority and I don't want the Witch King and bats to react to him. Andrew's bats keep my on my toes as he threatens my rear objectives.

On Andrew's left flank he splits his force around the dwarven mine and Thorin and company await the clash rather than push forward; worried I will wind up wrapped if I move out of the terrain.

We get to fighting!

Dwalin gets in and smashes up some Orcs.

Andrew absolutely bullied Dwalin with the Witch King and some bats and ate him up. I started off strong in the warrior duels, but then my dice turned cold.

At this point, Andrew and I completely forget to take pictures for many turns... We were so engrossed in the combat that we totally lost sight of snapping pictures so I will summarize! 

The fights go mostly Andrew's way- I have two turns of brutal dwarf losses which get me very close to breaking. Andrew is similarly close to breaking, but I am running out of coverage.

Finally, Andrew snags all of my objectives through both some clever play and my inability to win a priority for a few turns in a row.

Towards the end of the game, Gwaihir tries to survive to grab an objective or two after eating some orcs... but on the subsequent turn he fails his courage roll and flees the battlefield.

Thorin heroic combats off of murdering Razgush and does manage to keep the Witch King tied up; and after winning priority on the last turn of the game, Thorin charges the Witch King with no intention of winning the fight- but bleeding off the Witch King's final will point.

The game comes to a close with Erebor Reclaimed quartered. Yeowch!

Andrew has 6 VPs for destroyed objectives, and 1 VP for having a banner alive, as well as 1 VP for breaking Erebor.

I score 2 VPs for the leader kill, 1 VP for my banner surviving, and 1 VP for breaking Mordor.

Closing Thoughts: Honestly, this was the most fun I've yet had with these dwarves; which is saying a lot since it's also the first time I've lost with them (Though it's also the first time not having Dain and their army bonuses...)! Andrew played REALLY well, his months of Witch King experience really paid off here and Razgus with his bat friends really feels like the piece Andrew was missing. All around awesome game!


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