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Ambush at Amon Hen!

Chris and I were looking to get a game in, but neither of us were feeling anything particularly "sweaty", or "meta" and so opted to do something I have yet to try in ME- play a scenario! With my recently completed fellowship we opted for the Ambush at Amon Hen.

Now, we did have to make do a bit- I don't have any Uruk Scouts painted so we used my regular guys as proxies and I don't have any suitable terrain for the Seat of Seeing but I used some suitably ruins.

The initial deployment! Gimli and Legolas are in the left corner. Frodo and Sam are by the stair ruin. Boromir and the hobbits are on the right, and Sam is racing towards Frodo.

Gimli and Legolas work to join Aragorn and Frodo.

Aragorn and Frodo surrounded by Uruks!

Boromir protecting the little ones.

Gimli hoofs it as fast as he can as he sees Sam in the distance engaging an Uruk.

Aragorn and Frodo fall back but know they can find themselves surrounded shortly.

The two halflings run to the flanks while Boromir prepares to engage.

Frodo slips the ring on and runs while Aragorn starts chopping through Uruks. He has to burn two might to not lose the fight while trapped!

And then Frodo fails his ring check... twice in a row. Ouch!

Uruks close in on both Merry and Pippin!

Sam finally links up with Frodo; but Frodo is walking uncontrollably back towards the Seat of Seeing.

Legolas drops a few Uruks (including a clutch shot to untrap Aragorn), giving him the lead on keeping count.

Poor sweet Merry.

also Pippin is here.

Sam is knocked out but Aragorn is able to get him back in the fight.

Gimli starts smashin'- not pictured are the bodies of Uruks littered behind him.

The Fellowship works on linking back up. 

They're taking the hobbits to Isengard!

Uruks just keep streaming in. Frodo removes the ring with the middle mostly clear.

As the game nears its conclusion both Merry and Pippin are captured, but the Fellowship (exhausted and wounded) fight to defend Frodo on his way to the river.

Thanks to a few crucial priority rolls and heroic marches from Aragorn, Frodo makes it to the river. No might left on the board and everyone but Gimli at 1 remaining wound.

Conclusion: This was a ton of fun! Makes me want to 3D print a Seat of Seeing and knock out my Uruk Scouts to do the scenario proper cause I actually think there's a good amount of replay here! With Frodo escaped by two hobbits captured, the scenario is a historically accurate draw.


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