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Shelob- the Terror of Cirith Ungol!

  Here she is. The big, nasty, spider nesting in the tunnel near Cirith Ungol. This model was, in all honesty, a total nightmare to assemble. The metal legs required much more patience than I possess...

Rivendell vs Angmar in Breakthrough. 620 points.

  Dear readers, today I have a doozy for you! Hot on the heels of our last Rivendell vs Mordor game, Andrew and I ran it back with Rivendell vs Angmar; both of us trying out some newer models and approaches. I wanted a Rivendell Knight focused list and Andrew wanted a heavy monster presence. I think this made for a heck of a great game! We rolled up "Breakthrough" for the scenario.

Rivendell vs Mordor in To the Death. 700 points.

  Where once stood a proud temple, now only crumbling stone and briar dwell. It is here that a host of Mordor led by the Witch King himself clash with a company of elves led by Cirdan and Glorfindel. Can evil be vanquished, or will darkness dwell in this ruin forever?

Recent Painting: Rivendell Knights and Iron Hills Swordsmen

Just some quick pictures of recently completed projects! First up are the beautiful Rivendell Knights. What a joy to paint. Maybe my favorite unit to paint so far!

Paths of the Druadan vs Mordor - 700 points - Retrieval

As it was a Holiday in the US today, my buddy Eric and I were able to swing a day game! He had been working on some Woses for a while and I was eager to put a big ol' orc horde on the board, so off we went! We rolled for scenario and came up with Retrieval. I think this may have been the first time I've actually played that mission- fun game of fantasy Capture the Flag!

Dan Steeltootsie (NOT Dain Ironfoot...)

Just a quick post today! I 3D printed this excellent Silver Goat Dwarf Lord from Davale Games and painted it up. As usual, I suck at taking good miniature pics- it looks better in person I swear!