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Angmar vs Rohan & Gondor in Hold Ground

Having recently completed a fresh Gulavhar proxy , we were excited to see him back on the table! So, Andrew noodled out a Rohan Gondor alliance, and I got together a nasty Angmar list and we saw it through on the table. We used the veto system (quick side note- I think I am over the veto system...) and rolled up Capture and Control (vetoed by Andrew), Storm the Camp (vetoed by me), and Hold Ground.

Gulavhar Proxy Part 2: Twolvhar.

You know, I really love the look of my original Gulavhar proxy . Unfortunately, however, it's just far too small compared to the actual (impossible to find right now!) original. So, enter Davale Games yet again! 

The Grey Company vs Isengard in To the Death! 800 Points

Even though they aren't superb, I've been really enjoying seeing the Grey Company on the table lately. With my new Three Hunters , and recently completed Isengard , Andrew took the army of the white hand and we set about playing a match! Andrew veto'd Contest of Champions and I veto'd Control the Battlefield, leaving us with To the Death.

The Three (D Printed) Hunters!

While I own no less than 3 versions of each of the three hunters, the printable options from The Printing Goes Ever On caught my eye. While they don't quite resemble the characters perfectly from the movie, something about them feels more representative of how I initially imagined them in the books; while not straying TOO far from the heroes as seen on the big screen. So, to add to my continual pile of shame opportunity, I printed them up and had a go! 

Mordor vs the Beornings LL in Destroy the Supplies at 650.

After my previous defeat at the hands of Connor's Dwarves , I was not looking forward to this matchup! The bears are, some of the boogeymen of MESBG and my "not-so-great" Beast was going to be no match for them! Here we go!

Test Numenoreans from Davale

Hot on the heels of finishing up Davale Elendil , I wanted to test out a scheme for some Numenoreans. As I was awaiting a GW order of many spearmen, I printed up 3 more Davale "High Humans" models to test out a Numenorean scheme. I'm quite happy with them, and I can't wait to finish up a full force!

Mordor vs Army of Thror- To the Death

Connor and I got in a league game over a nice weekend of gaming! He's running Army of Thror with all the "Th"s. Thorin, Thrain, and Thror. With so many dwarves, I was pretty scared to get into combat and just watch poor sweet orcs die horribly.

A New Power is Rising! Saruman the White

Quick post today! I've been sitting on this Saruman/Grima box for ages now, and waited to paint them until I was ready to put them on the table with a completed Isengard list. Really really like this sculpt! Super easy to paint, looks great, and his profile is just so much fun. Without further ado, here he is.