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Rivendell vs Helm's Guard in Hold Ground at 600 points.

Sorry it's been so long readers! Busy season of life- part of which included a total game room overhaul, which I'll post about in a separate post! But today you're here for a hot n' fresh battle report between Helm's Guard and Rivendell. We have forgone the veto system, and instead entrust the cubic fates to dictate our mission... except in today's case where we immediately rolled "Heirlooms of Ages Past" and both groaned. So, we moved down the chart one to Hold Ground.

Tabletop Admiral MESBG Army Builder now Live!

Many of you who have frequented this blog and checked out some of my battle reports may have noticed just how nice my army lists looked! This is all thanks to Andrew, the developer of Tabletop Admiral. Many moons ago he worked on a modular system for his list builder and I volunteered to be the steward of the MESBG data- tirelessly click-clacking away to get your favorite profiles digitized! This builder is AWESOME. I've been using even the earliest alpha versions of it for well over a year and nothing else comes close. Love it to pieces! IF YOU COME ACROSS BUGS PLEASE E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY AT The text below the cut is from Andrew's original announcement on Reddit, and details how to use the builder!