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Star Trek Alliance: The Dominion War Act I - A Simple Patrol

Stardate 49427.7   The Year is 2371 and the Federation faces a new and very dangerous threat from the Gamma Quadrant. Much is still unknown about our aggressors:  the Jem’Hadar. During our last excursion through the wormhole in 2370 to recover Commander Sisko from Jem’Hadar soldiers, the Federation suffered the loss of the  Galaxy-Class vessel, U.S.S. Odyssey.  That it was the result of a suicide run by a Jem’Hadar Attack Ship only confirms the Dominion’s resolve. We still have interests in the Gamma Quadrant and must work to avoid further direct confrontation with the Dominion, while we prepare to face this threat.

The Last Alliance vs Mordor in Assassination. 800 points.

 Elendil and Glorfindel's combined forces meet the Witch King's orc host on the field of battle! I was pretty excited to finally try the Last Alliance of Men and Elves on the table. I had hoped to have my Numenor spearmen finished, but my last few weeks have been so crazy I didn't manage to knock them out in time so, their "modern day" Gondorian spearmen are in their stead for this battle report. Apologies for the far-off proxy, it is not common practice on this blog!

Minas Tirith vs Mordor in Capture and Control. 800 points.

Finally, the Shadow to the East has been unleashed! As the dark lord Andrew marches his evil forces to war, the Noble and good Gondorians under Steward Steve were ready to stand their ground and take the brunt of the dark forces' initial bid for control of Middle Earth.

Nazgul of Angmar

For how often Mordor and Angmar see the tabletop on this blog, it felt like a crime not having any of the Nazgul beyond the Witch King. So, I decided to pick up the best looking (in my opinion) Nazgul pack and remedy that.

Rivendell & Gwaihir vs Mordor & Isengard. 800 Points To the Death!

Finally managed to get another MESBG game in! Feels like it had been forever. Initially, I planned to run Galadriel, Lady of Light in our game tonight... but her Fortify Spirit ability felt like too hard of a counter to Andrew's list, and so I decided instead to try Gwaihir for the first time. Andrew was running a fun combo of Mordor and Isengard, leaning heavily into two of the best spellcasters in the game with very decent infantry.

The Lord and Lady of Lothlorien

Quick post today, and apologies for being few and far between! I've been doing a good bit of work travel, but also playing and painting Battletech (bonus picture at the end!) Anyhow, I've been really wanting to try Galadriel, Lady of Light but I really don't like the spooky Galadriel model... so I've been sitting on the pajama Celeborn and Galadriel pack for a while and decided it'd be a nice quick evening of painting.