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Star Trek Alliance: The Dominion War Act I - A Simple Patrol

Stardate 49427.7 

The Year is 2371 and the Federation faces a new and very dangerous threat from the Gamma Quadrant. Much is still unknown about our aggressors:  the Jem’Hadar. During our last excursion through the wormhole in 2370 to recover Commander Sisko from Jem’Hadar soldiers, the Federation suffered the loss of the  Galaxy-Class vessel, U.S.S. Odyssey. 

That it was the result of a suicide run by a Jem’Hadar Attack Ship only confirms the Dominion’s resolve.

We still have interests in the Gamma Quadrant and must work to avoid further direct confrontation with the Dominion, while we prepare to face this threat.

Star Trek Alliance is a cooperative board game from Wizkids, based upon Star Trek Attack Wing. It is designed by Josh Derksen, the creator of the absolutely wonderful Aturi Cluster cooperative mode for X-Wing. Wizkids made a smart move bringing Josh aboard- as despite being a longtime Star Trek fan, I had never even considered picking up Attack Wing. But, when I found out about this, I jumped in with both feet.

This is off the beaten path for my normal MESBG content, but I decided to just chronicle all of my fun gaming here! Hope you don't mind.

Here, I will chronicle my solo playthrough of the campaign. The game works fine solo but is, of course, much better with friends while quoting the shows and movies!

I rolled for starting ships based on my collection and got a Nova (which I 3D printed as I don't actually own it- so I am using an Oberth as the base stats and maneuver) and an Akira.

Transmission from Starfleet High Command to newly minted Captain David Laramie of the U.S.S. Taos. 
Stardate 49427.7 

Congratulations on your promotion Captain. 

With the discovery of the Wormhole into the Gamma Quadrant and the results of our first contact with the Dominion last year, Starfleet Command has decided to form a special task force. You and the U.S.S. Riley have been chosen for this assignment. Your objective today is to patrol the far side of the Wormhole and learn what you can of the Gamma Quadrant. 

If you encounter Dominion ships, your orders are to stand your ground, but avoid escalating the situation into a major confrontation. Good Luck.

Long range sensor scans show two Jem'Hadar ships on approach vectors.

The U.S.S. Riley, an Akira is far more suited to combat, and takes point. The Nova class U.S.S. Taos prepares for sensor sweeps of the area.

On turn 3, the forces engage. Taos fires long range phasers to some effect, while the Riley tears into the leading Jem'Hadar- it barely limps on. Return fire is  mostly mitigated, though the Riley's shields drop to 50%.

"Sir, I'm detecting another Jem'hadar ship approaching fast!" The Riley turns into the melee, trying to buy space for the Taos.

"Taos to Riley- we've completed our first sensor sweep and are moving to the secondary location."

The Riley puts more fire into the damaged Jem'Hadar ship. It's taken out, but not before yet another shows up on sensors. The Riley's bridge suffers a major console fire, but she fights on!

"Taos to Riley- we've completed our sensor sweeps! Let's get out of here!"

"Riley to Taos- Acknowledged. We'll give you some cover"

The U.S.S. Riley turns into the throng as the Taos prepares for warp.

The U.S.S. Riley starts to break apart after her warp core is breached!

Before she explodes with all hands.

The Taos suffers the wrath of all 3 Jem'Hadar ships, but only has to just make it out!

One more round of withering fire and...

She jumps to warp with one hull point remaining!

A narrow victory on the first scenario... but not all made it out. Here's to the U.S.S. Riley and Captain Winters.


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