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Hobby Bingo- February Update

 Quick post today! Crossed off two new things on the Bingo Card. 

Denethor and Irolas

  Brief update today! Just expanding the Gondor forces. Been a bit sidetracked by Battletech, but more MESBG is coming! Please note the exaggerated tomato juice on Denethor's chin- it's the most important detail.

300 point league game double header!

It's back! Our little friend group is doing an escalation league tournament. With just 5 of us, it's a little odd- but essentially we will each play each other person twice at differing point levels. Starting with 300, then 500, then 650, and finally 800. I was lucky enough to get both of my games in back to back- playing Andrew running Rivendell after facing Connor running Numenor. Here's a brief report on each game!

Rivendell vs Minas Tirith in Command the Battlefield. 300 points.

  After our last 300 point skirmish , Andrew wanted another crack at it with his Elrond and Knights list. I liked the list, but spread out my troops in the warbands a little differently. I was glad I did, since we rolled up Command the Battlefield. A chance for Madril to show his quality (by manipulating my Maelstram roll!)

Guards of the Fountain Court

The Guards of the gate were robed in black. Upon the black surcoats were embroidered in white a tree blossoming like snow beneath a silver crown and many-pointed stars. This was the livery of the heirs of Elendil, and none wore it now in all Gondor, save the Guards of the Citadel before the Court of the Fountain where the White Tree once had grown.

Minas Tirith vs Rivendell Knights. Storm the Camp. 300 Points.

Our little local friend group is planning to do a mini escalation league so we can all work on new armies together. I've been chipping away at my Minas Tirith, having just wrapped up Madril . Andrew has been keen to run Rivendell Knights at 300- knowing it's a tough list at that price point but also knowing it'll take some practice to get the most out of.

Rangers of Gondor

To supplement my forces of Minas Tirith, I knocked out 8 Rangers of Gondor to provide some extra fight and decent bow support. Will I ever bother painting the Warriors of Minas Tirith with bows? Maybe? You can equip them with shields to still get Shieldwall even if they won't benefit from the +1 Defense... Anyways, I digress. Back to Rangers.