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Minas Tirith vs Rivendell Knights. Storm the Camp. 300 Points.

Our little local friend group is planning to do a mini escalation league so we can all work on new armies together. I've been chipping away at my Minas Tirith, having just wrapped up Madril. Andrew has been keen to run Rivendell Knights at 300- knowing it's a tough list at that price point but also knowing it'll take some practice to get the most out of.
We used the Veto system, collectively shedding Contest of Champions (my veto) and Domination (Andrew's veto) and settling on Storm the Camp.

I finished up my Gondor Rangers just in time for the game- though I haven't yet finished their bases.

Dead simple Rivendell list. Andrew rolls 6 Foresight points for Elrond at the start of the game! Very handy with Knights for the end game.

That wide open ground is going to benefit Andrew, but I know my armor should protect me decently as I race across the field. Glad I have Madril's March!

Hurin the Tall leads the sortie.

I just realized Andrew used one of the Twins' model for Elrond- oh well! I DO have a pretty cool 3D printed Elrond, but I need to get my hands on the new one.

That's a lot of ground to cover!

I decide to leave two rangers behind in a good position in case Andrew tries to send a single Knight around to capture my camp.

Andrew is good at keeping me at arm's length and peppering me with bow shots... though only one ranger succumbs to elf arrow.

Madril calls a march and the forces near collission!

Minas Tirith has taken the fight to the Rivendell camp.

And finally, the charges happen! Rivendell wins a heroic move roll off, but unfortunately Elrond is unable to get into combat- sending his Knights forward. Minas Tirith swarm, and I even burn a might point on Hurin to strike up. I figure, I only need to kill 3 to break Rivedell... so I'll burn my resources early and often.

Honestly, it's a little rough! We kill one knight, and lose 3-4 warriors in exchange. Madril also takes a wound.

Over the following turn, Andrew is now pretty badly outnumbered and a failed duel is spelling death as he finds his Knights getting surrounded.

Still, Minas Tirith suffers some serious losses as well- but both sides are burning through Might for heroic moves. Elrond is spent but still has plenty of Foresight points.

It doesn't look good for Rivendell...

In the end, Elrond gets a Wrath of the Bruinen off (I kept him tied up before; making sure he couldn't call it in). But, his final Knight goes down in a blaze of glory, leaving him quartered and the game over.

Minas Tirith score 3 VPs for breaking Rivendell without being broken. 
Rivendell scores 1 VP for landing a wound on Hurin.
Making the final tally 3-1 to Minas Tirith. 

Closing Thoughts: Minas Tirith is very close to broken which would have drawn the game so... overall, not a bad showing from Rivendell! One of my Minas Tirith warriors ended the game just a half inch outside of the Rivendell camp!


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