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Gondor Avenger Bolt Thrower(s)

Here they are- the first siege engines I've painted for the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game! I have yet to use one on the table, but I am excited to try them out!

Minas Tirith vs Kingdom of Moria in Command the Battlefield. 500 points.

As part of our current Escalation League, Chris and I are up for our first round together! My previous games in the league can be seen here: 300 points vs Numenor followed by Rivendell 500 points vs the Return of the King

Minas Tirith vs Gothmog's Legion LL in Lords of Battle at 500 Points.

  I really wanted to try Gondor against anything OTHER than Rivendell , and Andrew obliged with some Gothmog’s Legion action. I took the same list I've been running for a bit. Lords of Battle is one that hasn't come up in a long time! Maybe ever on this blog ?? We veto’d Storm the Camp and Heirloom of Ages Past. 

Minas Tirith vs Return of the King LL in Capture and Control. 500 Points.

Over the weekend, I got to play a game with a new opponent- Erin! Erin was running the Return of the King Legendary Legion, while I was running essentially the same Minas Tirith list I ran in my last game against Andrew . This will be a short one as I didn't take too many pictures!

Minas Tirith vs Rivendell in Command the Battlefield. 500 Points.

 After a bit of a hiatus (a deep dive into Battletech... a topic for another day?) Andrew and I got MESBG back on the table to try out some 500 point lists. Having just completed some Knights of Minas Tirith , I was excited to get the cavalry on the table! The mission today was Command the Battlefield.

Knights of Minas Tirith

  After a few games with Minas Tirith- it was clear I needed both mobility and some hard-hitting killing power. Thankfully, Knights of Minas Tirith fill both roles exceptionally for a really reasonable price point! Plus- their models are pretty fantastic! I'm quite happy with these guys- but they took me a lot longer to complete... only because I got distracted by Battletech!