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Minas Tirith vs Return of the King LL in Capture and Control. 500 Points.

Over the weekend, I got to play a game with a new opponent- Erin! Erin was running the Return of the King Legendary Legion, while I was running essentially the same Minas Tirith list I ran in my last game against Andrew. This will be a short one as I didn't take too many pictures!

We were using the veto system where we roll for 3 random scenarios. We rolled up Contest of Champions (which I Veto'd cause... Aragorn), Fog of War (which Erin Veto'd because the King of the Dead is a little bit squishy), and Command the Battlefield, which is what we played.

This isn't Erin's *exact* list (I forget how she had the warriors distributed), but is more or less correct.

Still liking these 3 as my heroes for lower points of Minas Tirith. 

The board after deployment. I had Madril in a position to be able to respond with his March. He could either swing far left or fill in behind Hurin's Cavalry as needed.

The boys ain't 'fraid of no ghosts.

The ghosts ain't 'fraid of no men.

I try to wedge my anvil (Ingold's boys) in between two terrain pieces while Madril marches to go for my hard left flank. Aragorn dives right in on Ingold while the King stop up my Cavalry. Early in the game, I fail a hilarious amount of terror rolls... Even with the +1 courage! The King's aura is really hurting.

Ingold calls Defence against Aragorn so he doesn't get absolutely wrecked by Anduril. He holds his own! Casualties mount on both sides as my Knights put a bit of a hurt. Madril and company attempt to wrap around, but even with turn after turn of trapping ghosts- they survive! But, we give as good as we get in casualty numbers and the ghosts can't sustain those losses for long. The fight 4 from the rangers and the Guards of the Fountain Court comes in clutch.

Eventually, Aragorn grinds down Ingold and he dies tragically... but at the same time Hurin strikes up against the King after a charge and takes him down. The Cavalry continues to do work on my right flank while Madril... doesn't die too badly on the left flank.

Erin is very smart with positioning, and makes it no easy task... however with the King of Dead gone my courage doesn't suffer as much and our numbers differential really starts working in my favor. Erin gets Aragorn into Hurin and strips away his Fate and puts 1 wound on him. But, at the same time Erin starts the turn broken, and the game ends on the first die roll.  To be honest, I think this is still anyone's game. Hurin is hurting and the objectives in the center are still up for grabs. Minas Tirith is also a few losses away from being broken which could swing the game at any moment!

As it stands, Minas Tirith holds 3 objectives for 6 VPs and 1 VP for breaking the dead. Erin holds 2 objectives for 4 VPs and has a wound on Hurin for an additional 1 VP. This makes the final a 7-5 for Minas Tirith.

Closing Thoughts: This really was a fun game! Erin is a very canny player and really understands positioning. When she finally took down Ingold, she pulled a very tricky move with Aragorn that was quite genius. However, I think having the higher fight is what tipped the scales in my balance- and once the king was dead my Terror rolls got much easier and my dudes died on 5+ instead of 4+. It was a great game and I am really hoping to play with Erin again soon!


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