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NASHCON Tournament and Roadtrip Part 3 of 3

Alright, readers, we're in the home stretch now! With three games down (documented in part one and part two of this series), it was time for day 2 and the tournament's conclusion. I was heading into day two on 9 Tournament points: one major win, one minor win, and one draw.

NASHCON Tournament and Roadtrip Part 2 of 3

With my first game out of the way and coming off of a big win, I was off to face Adam- the Titan in the Deep himself- in a game of Destroy the Supplies. Now, Adam (true to his moniker) was running the Watcher in the Water and, if you've read my previous batreps, you know my thoughts on the ugliness that is the unstoppable Watcher  plus bat swarm hero-assassination maneuver, but at least I knew what was coming! Interestingly, Adam allied in Angmar to his list which added a whole new element!

NASHCON Tournament and Road Trip Part 1 of 3

With all sorts of crazy things happening in this season of life, getting to tournaments has been difficult. However, I just so happened to be free for Nashcon and so was Andrew! We decided to make it a weekend, and bring our better halves along. Andrew and I made the drive from Virginia while the ladies would fly down and meet us so we could hang after the tournament. In this series of posts, I'll not only cover my 5 tournament games, but do a little bit of travel blogging for fun.

The Last Alliance vs Lurtz's Hunters. Storm the Camp at 800.

I was fortunate enough to get in a game with a new pal- Adam, whom I met while playing Helm at a local 600 . Since then, Adam has been hanging in our Discord, playing in our league, and generally being an awesome human! I was grateful he made the trek out to my place, and was excited to see what crazy list he brought- Adam is known for Goblin Town locally, so I was mentally preparing for a horde. and... a horde I got! More after the break!

Numenor Spearmen

Finally, the Last Alliance painting is (for the time being) done! No more proxying Gondor spearmen .

Sunset Company- my first fully painted Battletech mercenary group!

This is a full company of mechs we've been using for a custom RPG-light mercenary company campaign. The camo is "Swamp Stalker", which is a throwback to the formation of the company known as "Sunset Company".  Read more below the break!

Isengard vs Rohan & Gondor in Fog of War at 800 Points!

We finally answer the age old question of "what if Gondor was THERE when the Westfold fell?" Andrew picked up arms with the Men of the West and I fell under the sway of the voice of Cuinir and ran Isengard. We've done away with the veto system for now, and so we rolled up Fog of War!