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Sunset Company- my first fully painted Battletech mercenary group!

This is a full company of mechs we've been using for a custom RPG-light mercenary company campaign. The camo is "Swamp Stalker", which is a throwback to the formation of the company known as "Sunset Company". 

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The name "Sunset Company" refers to the unit's first ever deployment on the moon Apra in the Lyran commonwealth. They were tasked with holding the extreme left flank where Lyran forces allocated them assuming the swampy terrain would see little to no action. However, the local militia had in fact trained extensively in the bogs and so this new merc company bore the brunt of the fighting.
Sunset's Scout Lance

The unit commander at the time, Captain Errol, wisely positioned his company in such a way that the moon's prolonged "sunset" (the bright sun of the system remained at horizon level for hours due to the slow day/night cycle) was behind his defenders. This, combined with the vapors of the bog, made Errol's company extremely difficult to target and so the line held with little to no casualties. After the battle, the frustrated and arrogant Lyran commander exclaimed "Well it wasn't your pilots that won the day, it was merely the sunset!" and since then both the name and the "swamp stalker" camo scheme has stuck.

Fire Support Lance
Currently the company consists of the following mechs:

Shadow Hawk

plus a few custom mechs owned by the individual pilots. 

The Assault Lance

The current roster as of 3049:

Finally, here are a few pictures of Sunset company in action:

The Banshee squares off against an Awesome

The Thunderbolt getting a little help from his friend the Dervish

Squaring off against the Eridani Light Horse

Sunset defending a troop transport

Thanks for reading!


  1. Excellent. The brief unit history is great.

  2. Wonderful! Just got back into BTech because of the Mercenaries Kickstarter and am working on Eridani Light Horse and Kurita.


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