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Location: Stein’s Folly Second Moon- Near a military research facility

Weather: Vacuum

Time of Day: Evening

Mission Briefing: As the Capellan confederation continues to lay siege to Stein’s Folly, sunset is going to be sent to the second moon of the planet to strike hard at a Capellan special forces group that is ransacking a military facility for material and research. The unit is led by the infamous Farzad Rah’ael and we believe eliminating that pilot in his custom Battlemaster would be a significant hit to the Capellan’s morale. Sunset, you’re up!

Special rules: This mission takes place in vacuum, so all mechs automatically sink an additional 2 heat at the end of each turn. Further, the planet is in low gravity so all jump jets have their MP doubled- heat is 1 per 2 MP spent rounding up.

Primary Objective: Eliminate Farzad Rah’ael and withdraw

Farzad's unit on the moon.

Farzad is in his Battlemaster and along with him is a Hunchback and an Enforcer.

Elements of Sunset Company charge out of their dropship. Wolverine, "TP2" in the Griffin, "Swampass" in the Wolverine, and "S.O.S.J." in the Highlander.

Lots of jumping going on due to the lower gravity.

Initially, very little damage ocurred due to all of the jumping! TMMs were off the charts.

But the boys started mixing it up!

Farzad fell, took a wound, and fell unconscious. My dice. Ouch!

Mission accomplished via foot to the cockpit.

The boys spent some time mopping up the remaining mechs, but the Enforcer made it tough on them.

Eventually, the game was called. Sunset was successful, but did not completely wipe out the defenders. No casualties, and no significant damage to the mechs!


  1. Wow! Outstanding guys! Qhi makes the terrain and the mat? Please and thank you. Is this AS or CBT?

  2. WOW 😲😳 Guys! That's outstanding! Who makes the terrain and the hex mat? Please and thank you.

  3. The terrain is a mix from all sorts of places, but the really nice painted matte looking buildings are from Gale Force 9. The other stuff is terrain I've 3D printed. The mat comes from Deep Cut Studio- I had to get custom hexes on it but it was very reasonable!

  4. Very nice - thanks for the tip for the mat!


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