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Boromir 2: Even More-o-mir

After having finished the Boromir, Captain of the White Tower, I wanted to get his Fellowship version done so he can bring some much needed might to my Rivendell forces. Thankfully, mounted Boromir was recently on sale from GW in the MTO section so I snapped him up as he is apparently not always available.

Rivendell vs Azog's Hunters in Fog of War. 800 points.

  A few folks from my local group met up at Battlegrounds today to try out our 800 point lists for the upcoming finale of the To War! Escalation tournament series. I squared off against my good buddy Eric (the one who got me into this game!) and he was running Azog and a whole host of hunter orcs.

Quick autumn forests

Hey y'all, I know it's been a while! Busy holidays and all. Speaking of which, my awesome sister got me some awesome Autumn trees for Christmas, and I 3D printed some bases. 

Boromir, Captain of the White Tower

  "[Boromir] was a tall man with a fair and noble face, dark-haired and grey-eyed, proud and stern of glance." Following up on my post of Hurin the Tall , Boromir is my second (Well, third, since I have painted Gandalf the White) hero of Minas Tirith. I guess it's about time to start on the tin-can warriors!

Hurin the Tall, Warden of the Keys

   Lord Hurin was assigned the office of the  Warden of the Keys  of  Minas Tirith  and for that he was also known as  Húrin of the Keys . Húrin fought in the  Battle of the Pelennor Fields , during which the  Rohirrim  were outnumbered and hard-pressed. Húrin, along with  Forlong ,  Hirluin , and  Imrahil  came to their aid. [1] After the battle, the  armies  of  Gondor  and  Rohan  marched to the  Black Gate  while Lord Húrin himself stayed in the city to command the small garrison that stayed behind. A barricade was laid in place of the destroyed  Great Gate  at the gatehouse of the city. After the  Fall of Sauron , at the coronation of  Aragorn , he ceremoniously opened that barricade for the entry of the new king. [ SOURCE ]

Rivendell vs Mordor in Retrieval. 800 Points.

The fourth and final phase of the To War! escalation event sees armies rising up to 800 points. Andrew had settled pretty well on a list for his 800 points, and I've been waffling on what to add to mine. I wanted to give the Twins another shot after their disastrous first outing where they both died to and replenished the might of Gulavhar. So, we put lists together and rolled for scenario, landing on Retrieval.

700 Point Tournament Report with Rivendell

Following on from my last post (in which I managed to do quite well with a 500 point tournament using Rivendell), this was the 3rd tournament in a 4 part Escalation League called "To War!" Put on by some very fine folks and hosted at Your Hobby Place in Fredericksburg Virginia.