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Isengard vs Minas Tirith & Rohan in Retrieval. 800 points!!


In today's game we ask the question: What if Gondor DID show up as the Westfold was falling, and the Westfold looked a lot like Osgiliath? Read on to see!

Andrew's list looks pretty great. I'm kind of amazed he can get 12 Cav models and still hit 40+ in this list. Helmingas are cool even if Grimbold leaves a bit to be desired... and easy access to F5? I love this list.

I went fairly standard Isengard. I initially had Grima in the list, but when I remembered Andrew was using Theoden I cut him for two warg riders instead. It's a little too nasty to have Grima vs Theoden.

The mission today is Retrieval which we haven't played often but is a great one!

Side note- Andrew and I recorded this to be released on our Youtube.... but we had some audio issues so had to scrap it. Bummer! But, we'll see you next time!

Andrew deployed first and actually had his warband pretty far back. I think Andrew's thought process was he had a ton of bows and would outshoot me.

So I also deployed pretty far back knowing that with the cav advantage Andrew had this mission, I needed to play pretty defensively.

Stand, Men of the West!

The board after deployment. I intended to send my crebain to be a nuisance and maybe have a chance to strike at Andrew's relic.

On the first turn, Andrew sent his cavalry flanking to my left; but Saruman sorcerously blasted one Royal guard into another; killing the first and unhorsing the second.

Andrew advanced slowly, taking bow shots.

The view of my left flanl as Andrew's cavalry moved to encircle me.

My crossbows were peppering his line and overall doing more damage than the return fire.

The game as it developed. Vrasku and crossbows were kinda doing the business. In the very upper right you can see I tried to sneak my Crebain in, but did not measure to stay outside of 20" from Boromir. Oops!

Boromir goin for some birds.

Lots of cagey, careful movement on my left flank.

Lurtz's boys prepare for the fight.

Boromir, bird slayer. There go my crebain and my chance for a big win.

More sorcerous blasts and crossbows pelt Andrew's lines but the clash is now inevitable. I am nervous about fighting so close to my own relic, but Andrew still has a sizeable cavalry force with expert rider, so I have to protect my relic.

Boromir is still returning to the fight after icing my Crebain.

But the lines do finally clash! I sorcerous blast a Guard of the Fountain court into Grmbold, but do not wound him.

Cavalry on the left still making an end run-Theoden is now showing his face.

I send Warg Riders in to trap one Rider.

The middle becomes a swirling melee. Initially, Isengard gives better than they get.

The trapped Rider is dispatched, but Andrew still have a sizeable force about to move into my rear and threaten my relic.

Boromir gets in and just starts chopping. Even Grimbold sees success. The Men of the West break, and Isengard is only a few models behind.

I mount a defense of my relic.

But one of Andrew's Royal Guards charges in, scores a kill with a throwing spear, and manages to pick up the relic- though many of his friends are lost on the way.

In the final turn, Lurtz, Boromir, Theoden, and Grimbold all call heroic combats. Isengard wins the rolloff and Lurtz and his boys surround Theoden. We both roll the 6, but the rolloff goes to evil and just like that Theoden dies to Uruk swords.

Both forces are well past broken...

And a crucial fire blast kills Andrew's Royal Guard holding the relic while a pike boi moves it back into position... Andrew had one more Royal Guard who might have nabbed the relic but, with his leader dead and bodyguard nullified... he failed his courage and ran away. Truly Andrew was so close!

Just in case the game doesn't end, Vrasku is makinng a B-line for the relic on Andrew's board edge...

But it doesn't matter. The game draws to a close.

Final Score: I knew I was way too far off from Andrew's relic and I don't think I could have really made a reasonable run at it; so this was bound to be a low points cap scenario for me. I score 1 VP for breaking Andrew, and with the crazy flash kill of Theoden, I score 2 VPs more. Andrew scores just 1 VP for breaking me; though he held the relic in his grasp.

Closing Thoughts: Andrew played smartly here. The only thing I think he should have done was deploy as far forward as possible; he would have had F5 all across his front line and would not have suffered the withering crossbow fire for as long. That being said, Andrew made great moves and calculated risks- but the dice often went my way. I absolutely LOVE Saruman. 

Thanks for watching!

Don't forget to check out our Youtube where there will be a video version of this batrep! Catch our first one here:  


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