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The Last Alliance vs Lurtz's Hunters. Storm the Camp at 800.

I was fortunate enough to get in a game with a new pal- Adam, whom I met while playing Helm at a local 600. Since then, Adam has been hanging in our Discord, playing in our league, and generally being an awesome human! I was grateful he made the trek out to my place, and was excited to see what crazy list he brought- Adam is known for Goblin Town locally, so I was mentally preparing for a horde. and... a horde I got!

More after the break!

Adam's list was awesome. FIFTY FOUR URUKS WHO MOVE 8??? I need to get painting to expand the Isengard forces!

Meanwhile, I'm over here still fighting the last war:

We rolled up Storm the Camp. I knew I couldn't hope to face Adam in the middle of the board, but letting him come to me was equally scary... this was going to be an interesting one.

The forces lined up and ready to rumble!

Goodness that is a lot of Uruks! (Note- there are a few proxies in here so Adam could run the full complement! The list is accurate)

The first... half dozen? turns or so just saw us jockeying for position and taking some cheeky shots. Elves definitely saw the better of that bargain thanks to Cirdan's blinding Light... and Adam's sketchy dice.

I shifted my lines left, hoping to bring mass to one portion of Adam's army... but Adam is way too wiley for that and was really keeping me on my toes.

My archers are taking cover behind tree trunks- but we removed the trees cause man it's rough.

Look at Adam trying to close the trap on me! The 8" moves and woodland creature on the scouts is so awesome!

I really have no choice but to pull back and consolidate or wind up totally surrounded...

Finally, the time to fight arrives. Glorfindel and Elendil ride into Adam's right-flanking force while the rest of my army either jumps in or pulls back. Elendil and Glorfindel definitely do work on that flank.

But by the time that flank is dealt with, Adam has two more masses of Scouts coming my way! Aura of Dismay puts in some work.

As the fight in the alliance camp develops, Isengard passes the breaking point. Elves are holding on, but Adam is heading towards 25%. So, Elendil and the two Rivendell Knights ride hard for the far camp as the drummer and a few Uruks race to beat them there.

Elendil and the two riders approach the camp. The three Uruks are all that's left after several failed courage checks.

As Isengard breaks, we do a final tally. Last Alliance has one more model than the Uruks in their own camp and, thanks to two bizarre combats, one more model in the Uruk camp as well...

With the last alliance barely holding both camps, putting one wound on Lurtz, and not being broken... the final tally is 10-0 to the last alliance... but this is TRULY one of those games where that score does not remotely come close to describing how close this awesome game was. It all came down to the last turn, and dice did not go Adam's way.

Closing Thoughts: I am really digging this last alliance list- but I also REALLY dug Adam's list! Makes me want to start painting an absolute horde of Uruk scouts.

Thanks for reading!


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