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Minas Tirith vs Gothmog's Legion LL in Lords of Battle at 500 Points.


I really wanted to try Gondor against anything OTHER than Rivendell, and Andrew obliged with some Gothmog’s Legion action. I took the same list I've been running for a bit. Lords of Battle is one that hasn't come up in a long time! Maybe ever on this blog?? We veto’d Storm the Camp and Heirloom of Ages Past. 

This list should look familiar by now to readers of this blog.

Andrew's list! Tons of orcs and one regular Orc warrior who, honestly, probably gets picked on a lot.

Deployment! I only had 4 bows, but Andrew has zero so that may as well have been infinite more bows. With Andrew crossing the field to me, I was able to use the terrain to my advantage.

The boys of Minas Tirith.

The time of the orc is nigh.

With the orcs split around the large rock, Minas Tirith pounces. The Anvil of Ingold's line and the hammer of Hurin's cavalry strike a small segment of the orcs.

Hurin, leading from the front!

And then the scrum begins. Men and orc clash in an epic battle!

For the most part, points are traded equally, but the numbers favor Minas Tirith. Hurin's cavalry falls around him, but their lances- keen as a winter's thicket- take orcs with them at a ratio of 2 to 1.

Finally Andrew's second contingent of orcs wraps around the terrain where Madril, his rangers, and a few trusted warriors are tasked with holding the flank.

The forces now clash across the entire front, but Minas Tirith outnumber the orcs and are able to force several traps. Gothmog calls Time of the Orc and slays a few extra men to catch up a bit.

Hurin charges Guritz, and takes him down after spending two points of might (and recovering one per the scenario rules). 
The orcs, now broken, fight on against a vastly outnumbering force, but Gothmog has his eyes on Hurin.

Ingold and his loyal men continue grinding forward; trapping and dispatching orcs.

Gothmog finally breaks through to Hurin as Gothmog's Enforcer gets surrounded by Men of the West. Gothmog defeats Hurin in combat- dealing him one wound after stripping his fate... but Hurin lives on.

Hurin pulls back to recover his wounds as the game comes to a close.

With a total of 29 wounds dealt for Minas Tirith, and 13 for Gothmog, Minas Tirith scores 5 VPs for the primary objective. The orcs are also broken, while Minas Tirith remains hale for another 3 VP. Gothmog scores his 1 VP for wounding Hurin, but that is all they can muster. In the end it's an 8-1 victory for Minas Tirith.

Closing Thoughts: Pretty crazy to see just how much of a differennce one more fight from the rangers/Guards can make. I should know that, of course, from my prolific use of elves but Andrew won an incredibly low percentage of these fights and it really started to snowball. Though, I do think Andrew's force being split around the rock is what did him in. I had at least 3 turns of outnumbering and trapping to whittle away his smaller force- and I had a small force able to delay his remainder. Hurin and the Minas Tirith cavalry are both so awesome!


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