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Knights of Minas Tirith


After a few games with Minas Tirith- it was clear I needed both mobility and some hard-hitting killing power. Thankfully, Knights of Minas Tirith fill both roles exceptionally for a really reasonable price point! Plus- their models are pretty fantastic! I'm quite happy with these guys- but they took me a lot longer to complete... only because I got distracted by Battletech!

Painting wise, I did these guys basically the same as my Warriors of Minas Tirith. Spray with boltgun metal, thin black wash, and a drybrush of Vallejo Oily Steel. 

The horses I did fairly "traditionally"- black spray and work up from base layers and highlights. They look better in person than in the pics! 

Pretty excited to try these fellas out on the board!


  1. How do you do your static grass? By hand or with a tool?

  2. Sorry, I totally missed this! I use watered down glue spread out on the base and then use tweezers to drop/sprinkle it on. I then hold the base upside down and gently tap it until the excess falls off.


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