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Some more(dor) recent painting: Razgush and Muzgur

We've been pretty smitten by Razgush lately, as you can tell from some of our recent battle reports and I've finally gotten him painted. I also knocked out Muzgur... and maybe pulled the trigger on a bunch of Moria stuff to try out Assault on Lothlorien. I am usually late to the party on things like that, but it will be fun to have a super meta army in our collection beside Angmar.

I quickly rebased some old bat swarms I used for D&D- the paintjobs leave a whole lot to be desired, but I'm usually very loathe to go back and touch up old painted minis so for them, "good enough" is.

I did really enjoy painting Razgush, though. He had a lot of opportunity for me to tie in the copper I've used on most of my other Mordor stuff; plus the pop of red. His cloak, as much of my painting, looks better on the table due to the somewhat cartoony contrast.

Muzgur was also cool to paint, and I really dug the detail this model had.

I went with a more subdued cloak, but again I'm quite happy with him!

I also knocked out some quick 3D printed dismounted Morgul Knights to round out the 6 knights I recently painted. I do have 6 black numenoreans, but I wanted to give myself the option to run both Morgul Knights and the black nums without having to worry about not having dismounts.

Brief post today, thanks for stopping by!


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