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Rivendell (House of Elrond) vs Mordor in Recon' 800 points

I still owe y'all a post with pictures from my New Zealand honeymoon, BUT let's get back to business and post up a battle report, eh? Andrew has been tinkering with a Razgush + bats Mordor list, and wanted to put it on the table. Bit of an experiment; are the bats worth it? Let's see! I whipped up a slightly less sweaty Rivendell list; leaning into the theme of "Elrond and kids". Today we rolled for pool and then veto'd within that pool, settling on Recon'.

Andrew experimenting with Razgush (who is this Army's leader). I'm excited to see the Dark Marshal on Fell Beast; first time we've used a FB without it being the Witch King.

Not an amazing list; and I am really not a fan of the twins but... not horrible???

Bottom of turn one from my table edge. Every warband appeared except for Arwen's. Interestingly, Andrew rolled a 3 for each of his warbands; so Guritz paid for himself right off the bat!

The view from Andrew's board edge. Really just an excuse to show off that cool elven tower!

I'm not 100% done painting those bats, but almost there!

The first few turns we just keep moving forward.

Different angle. Terrain is a lot lighter from this angle...

As we get into bow range, my dice get magma hot.

In 3 turns I kill 11 orcs with bow shooting while moving forward 3" each turn. Ouch.

Andrew's lines are sorta devastated after losing that many guys to shooting and his force becomes a bit piece meal.

Shagrat and the boys do start working on my Rivendell Knights as Elladan gallops in to assist.

Lines clash in the center- the dark marshall tries to black dart Elrond's horse but doesn't pull it off. Elrond and Elrohir kill a few orcs.

Razgush does some work.

On the following turn, the lines clash again but this time Arwen pulls a wrath of the bruinen off, dismounting both morgul knights.... killing them both in the process.

I move to reinforce my right flank.

3 Black Numenoreans and 3 orcs are aggressively moving up my left flank.

But this turn of combat is devastating... I am able to line up a heroic combat with Elrond and Elrohir who take down the Dark Marshall. Across the board, Andrew has lost numerous models and is well below broken while still being 3ish turns from getting any figures off the edge... so rather than play it out (which, I will say, is ALWAYS worth doing in this game...) we decided to instead get a 2nd one in since we had just enough time left.

Because we didn't officially wrap it up, I don't know what the score is but next turn would've been pretty decisive. Of course, anything is possible and dice be dice so we'll just leave this one as an interesting experiment. 

Closing Thoughts: The house of Elrond fought pretty well; I'm almost convinced on Arwen. I still don't favor Elrond over Glorfindel, but Wrath of the Bruinen can be sweet in a pinch.


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