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Morgul Knights

Quick post today! Sorry for the radio silence, just got back from my honeymoon- which included a brief stop in Middle Earth! I'll do a full Hobbiton post shortly. For today- here's the last models I painted before galivanting around the world for a few weeks!

Bag End!

I didn't do anything too crazy on the painting here, but did a bit of a cartoonish look to draw out the black. Spray black with a highlight of 50/50 panzer grey and london grey (both Vallejo colors). Up close the brush strokes are quite visible but on the table it looks quite smooth.

I really did go fairly simple with these guys- but the tabletop effect thanks to the cartoonish approach of the cloth really worked!

I even tried to make them look visually similar to my regular Numenoreans which I am pretty happy with the end result! 


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