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Mordor and the Serpent Horde vs Erebor Reclaimed and Rivendell in To the Death

First of all, thank you to everyone who's watched our video battle reports so far! We're hugely grateful and will continue to improve! This battle report is available in video form here, and while it represents a big improvement over our first; I can tell you that the next one is an even bigger leap in quality so thanks for sticking with us!

I've been pretty stoked to use the Great Beast of Gorgoroth again and I was equally excited to get Suladan on the table. Andrew has been loving Thorin and wanted to try a budget version of the Last Alliance by running Erebor Reclaimed with Rivendell which I thought was pretty genius.

I know I need to get across the board quickly, so I do! The drum and march combo is pretty tasty.

I try to cast a channeled fury with Kardush... and no luck on 2 dice. Ouch. 8/9 chance of succeeding.

Thorin and company on Andrew's left prepare for the horde.

Andrew's right flank led by Glorfindel.

Turn two after another march and drum combo. Still no fury... 

Gosh I love that Great Beast model. It's just so fun to put on the board.

I keep Thorin surrounded with tons of orcses but he just keeps rolling the 6 on 3 dice for turn after turn!

The great beast finds purchase on some of his boys; but the tramples are less than spectacular.

Andrew's right flank slowly advances firing arrows. Both sides are taking casualties, but I'm feeling good at this point.

My plan was to try to smash Andrew's left flank (my right) before the smaller force could get involved but slowly it just starts to fall apart. I can't do anything about Thorin and my GB, while effective, never kills too many models on the tramples.

By late game my orcs are getting absolutely whittled down and Glorfindel has gotten in close to Kardush! If I can get lucky with some priority the beast might still be able to do some crushing!

Suladan has been aweosme, but the Serpent Riders... not so much.

Andrew does a good job of keeping the beast tied up... and manages to wound it... and it fails courage and tramples!

Finally, the end for Suladan comes! Kardush is also cut down by Glorfindel leaving me with awful morale!

And with that, Andrew quarters me bringing the game to a close! I get very very close to quartering him but miss it by a model or two. We've both broken each other for 3 VPs, but Andrew has quartered me and killed Suladan earning him a close 8-3 victory.

Closing Thoughts: This was a super fun game! The Great Beast, the horde of orcs, Thorin, etc all just made for a close awesome time. This is one of those games that makes you just want to immediately play again!


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