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Angmar vs Erebor Reclaimed. Capture and Control 400 points

 Andrew and I are gearing up for a cool escalation tournament that starts at 400, goes to 650, and ends at 800 with 2 games at each level. One minor twist is that every model in the lower points must be represented at the higher points levels which leads to some interesting list building. Andrew and I tested our 400 pointers to see what we thought!

My deployment. Gulavhar is terrified of those crossbows!

With half of my points tied up in that one model... he really needs to perform for me!

Thorin is an awesome budget hero at this points level.

Andrew deploys quite far back to capitalize on his superior shooting; hoping to no doubt chip some wounds on Gulavhar on his approach.

This allows me to spread out and grab 3 objectives on turn one.

The most bravest orc all by his lonesome.

Gulavhar mercifully avoids taking any crossbow damage.

Orcs are all up in the dwarves' grill!

Gulavhar swoops in, calls a heroic combat and lines up a perfect hurl. Killing Andrew's goatrider and de-goating Thorin while also chipping off his fate.

I throw orcs into the lines. My goal is to die in Andrew's board edge and have the game end with me holding more objectives.

To no one's surprise... the orcs melt to the dwarves. But my Barrow Wight paralyzes Andrew's banner.

On the next turn, the Barrow Wight paralyzes Thorin. Gulavhar swoops in and eats him and heroic combats off to eat more dwarves. Gully is now out of might...

Which is important because I lose a few crucial priorities.

Dwarves start breaking through and heading towards the center objectives!

On my left flank a goat rider keeps threatening the objective...

And as I reach the half way point I win priority and watch my poor orcs melt away to courage checks.

Gulavhar stays trapped from one dwarf multiple times- smart plays by Andrew!

The board state.... Andrew has been gobbling up objectives as my orcs fall away. They died too fast!

The game ends before Gulavhar can do more horrible things and he and my barrow wight are all that remains of my army.

Andrew control 3 objectives at the end for 6 VPs. He also broke me for 1 VP. I score 2 objectives for 4 VPs, broke Andrew for 1 VP, and killed Thorin for 1 VP. Making this a minor victory for Erebor at 7-6.

Closing Thoughts: This really was a fun game! Gulavhar is just so dang flexible; but the strength of that dwarven battle line is insane! They're just an awesme profile and have "breaks" in all the right spots. Courage 4 means even with harbinger they hit that sweet "need a 7" territory. D7 (conditional 8) is amazing, F4 and S4 are just such sweet spots; especially against orcs of all flavors. This was a fun one; and also the best video battle report we've pulled off yet in my opinion! Thanks for reading!


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