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Operation Sunrise Part One: Planetfall

 Herein lies the official operation log of Sunset Company.

Buyer: The Federated Suns (Princess Lauriana Davion)
Mission 1- Planetfall

Location: Stein’s Folly- on the border of the Capellan Federation & Federated Suns territory

Weather: Moderate

Time of Day: Mid Day

Mission Briefing: The Capellan Federation has launched an attack across our borders once again. The Deep Space Listening station in polar-synchronous orbit has detected a large flotilla of drop-capable ships approaching Stein’s folly; an important border world for the Federated Suns.

I don’t know a thing about your merc company; and that probably means you’re not even worth knowing about. What you have, however, are mechs within immediate jump distance of Stein’s Folly; and your price is hilariously low. So, congratulations Sunset Company, you’re going into the meat grinder. Your job is to engage and slow elements of House Liao’s regular forces along the coastal road near Lollan until our reserves can arrive to hold the line.

Primary Objective: Engage and hold against the attackers for 7 turns. You will be outmatched, engage smartly.

Capellan Forces are spotted advancing along the coastal road.

They fan out, prepared to engage the Sunset defenders.

Sunset Company has only an understrength lance available to defend: an Awesome, a Highlander, and a Catapul. They put up a good fight as the Capellan forces relentlessly advance.

Capellan mechs gang up on the mighty Awesome.

Sunset receives word that Fedsuns reinforcements are on the way and they only need to hold out!

Sunset's Highlander is knocked down but before the Capellans can capitalize on their momentum, reinforcements arrive and the enemy withdraws.

OUTCOME: Sunset company successfully held against attacking elements of House Liao long enough for reinforcements to arrive and stabilize the front. No casualties taken.


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