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Orctober Part 2: Orcs of Mordor

 Last time I posted the heroes of Mordor... so today it's time to look at the rank and file. 

I have a good number of orcs but, like any proper Dark Lord, I feel like it's nowhere near enough! At this point I have 24 Morannon orcs and 29 or so regular orcs. 

I'm a really big fan of the Morannons. They look cool and they perform better with their +1 Defence and +1 Str. I especially rate having them as spear support behind something with a higher fight in the front rank (like Black Numenoreans).

The regular orcs... a lot less exciting. Though, they are cheap and quantity has a quality all it's own (I think that quote is attribute to Joseph Sauron). 

As for painting these guys... I give them about as much care and attention as their points warrant- which is to say not much! Very basic blocking and a wash and... that's basically it. It kind of works en masse though, doesn't it? Feels proper for orcs. Spawn them from the pits and send them forth.

Thanks for peeping the orcs, happy Orctober to you and yours!


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