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Orctober Part One: Orc Heroes of Mordor

The Age of Man is Over... the time of Orctober has come. I have a ton of Orcs, and thought it'd be fun to take inventory. So, to kick things of... the man himself.

The Age of Man is Over...

Oh Crap... they have horses!

Gothmog is great. I love his implementation in MESBG. Master of Battle is clutch, and he isn't too shabby in combat. Obviously his abilities are a bit situational- but if you're up against an army of men he's just fantastic to have around.

Guritz, Master of Reserves

You know, I really want to love Guritz. He's a cheap 3 points of might, but two-handed without burly and his unique ability are just too situational.

Gothmog's Enforcer & Zagdush

I have yet to put either of these guys on the table. They're both a bit underwhelming- though Zagdush against any Str 3 models is pretty tasty. Getting up to Strength 5 on a 60 point model is nothing to sneeze at. He could also hypothetically call a Heroic Strength and get pretty high up there!

Gothmog's Enforcer is neat in theory, but 9 times out of 10 heroic moves are contested and half the time that means Gothmog is doing it for free! Love to be proven wrong about this guy, but 1 might of his own for 60 points? Nah.

Shaman and Drummer

Hey what is there to say about these guys? Awesome, reliable heroes that play an important role.

Generic Orc Captains

The guy on the left I 3D printed as a dismount for an eventual warg-mounted captain. 45 points for 2-1-1 and heroic march is great. I'm really not a fan of two handed weapons without burly so the guy on the right... ehhhh not a huge fan.


Speaking of burly... I really love Goroth. Strength 5 with a two handed weapon with Burly?! 3 Might., and the ability to throw shlubs in the way of death? Just love him. Themey and effective at that price point!

Gorbag, Shagrat, and Shagrat 2

Gorbag's butt, Shagrat's butt

These two are definitely my favorite of the Orc heroes available to Mordor. Gorbag is so much fun- and a really cheap 3 might! His ability is great and so much fun to get it to trigger.

Shagrat is, as most folks know, an absolute unit. I've seen him go toe to toe with much nastier heroes and come out on top. 

Alright! That does it for my current orcses. I need to pick up 5 or so more to collect them all. 


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