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Rivendell vs The Iron Hills in Storm the Camp - 600 Points


Andrew and John played their league game today at my place after John and I played ours. As usual, three scenarios were rolled up. Andrew vetoed Contest of Champions while John vetoed Clash by Moonlight. The remaining scenario was Storm the Camp.

John's Iron Hills
Andrew's Rivendell


Over the first few turns, Andrew adopted quite a defensive posture in the woods in front of his camp while Dain's company marched forward. Elf bow fire was mostly ineffectual- dropping a single crossbow dwarf on the approach.

Iron Hills is here!

Elves forming the line under Cirdan's watchful eye.

More marching

More forming up

Marching and arrows

When the lines clash, it's spectacular. Arwen rides out ahead, drops a wrath of the bruinen and knocks 10 Iron Hills dwarves prone as the High-Elves rush in to commence the fight!

Goat Riders swing wide for a flank

The melee is brutal, with the Iron Hills taking the brunt of it. Some of the dwarves don't recover from being knocked prone for a few turns, although the elves naturally find it hard to bring wounds.

Dain gets into the fight!

Arwen attempts to drop another Wrath but one of the Iron Hills Captains resists by spending his last point of might. After which, Arwen finds a hole in the line and breaks through- riding hard for the Dwarven camp.

She's taken possession! She's on the 40... the 30!

The brawl is pretty brutal- elf casualties start catching up to dwaf ones.

The dwarves are so tantalizingly close to the Elvish camp!

Arwen is in the clear- riding hard past the crumbled statue of a long forgotten king

Dain tries valiantly to fight through to the Elvish camp... but Glorfindel shows up. They both strike up to 10 and roll off. Glorfindel pulls out the win thanks to the elven blade... and flash kills Dain after the spearman knocks out his pig! John failed 2/3 fate rolls and dies. Ouch. Big win for Glorfindel, and a great endorsement of Enchanted Blade from Cirdan.

Arwen has just enough time to capture the camp...

...before the Iron Hills are quartered.

With that, a strong victory for Rivendell. 1 point for breaking the Iron Hills, 3 for killing the leader, and 6 for capturing the camp without their camp being captured. Iron Hills score 1 for breaking Rivendell.

Honestly, Arwen gets the MVP here. The one turn of Wrath of the Bruinen may not have resulted in too many dead dwarves, but it swung the momentum of the dwarf charge hard. After that she rode for the enemy camp and secured the elf victory. Quite a game to behold!


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