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Elladan and Elrohir (Plus an Elrond family pic!)


I've been pretty eager to add the twins to my growing collection of Elven badasses. These models are not bad for older metallics. They were pretty fun to paint; but not nearly as rewarding as that new Glorfindel model! 

Fairly simple technique here; getting them to my acceptable tabletop quality as quickly as I could! Spray is wraithbone, followed by lots of contrast paints and culminating in Vallejo gold (over Gor Grunta fur) to finish them off. Simple and effective!

I may have gone a little overboard on the cape highlights... though on the table at a distance it pops really nicely!

It was pretty cool to see the whole family together. Elrond is making a face every parent has made.

I'm really excited to see them on the table! They seem like a really cool combo; and a ton of might and killy-ness in a list that can really use it. Can't wait to see how they perform! 


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