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Uruk Captains of Isengard

Continuing on my Isengard trek, I just completed 4 captains and an Uruk-Hai banner bearer! Each of these are reasonably priced, decent heroes... and are frankly about the best non-Dunland Isengard heroes have to offer outside of Saruman.

Not a whole lot to say about these guys! They paint quickly- so I spent a bit more time on them than the regular warrior-bois. 

Here's the biggest of the guys. Lurtz is as good as it gets in the Isengard profile. D6 (even with a shield since he has a bow), a respectable 3 Attacks, 5 Strength, Fight 5 and 3 Might. Like many evil heroes he has only a single Will and a single Fate making him very susceptible to magic as well as flash kills. His "Find the Halflings" special rule is situationally okay. Nothing to write home about, but can be nice.

Ugluk is a budget Lurtz. for 25 points cheaper, he loses 1 Defense, 1 Attack, 1 Wound, and 1 Courage but retains the 3-1-1 Might/Will/Fate profile. I don't hate his special rule in the right situation. If you're up against a Harbinger of Evil and are under 1/3 (assuming you are benefiting from the Isengard army rule) losing 1 guy to have a 12" auto-pass standfast could be very situationally relevant. Like Lurtz's rule it's okay, but not amazing.

Mauhur is a bargain at 60 points. Compared to Ugluk he loses a Might (2/1/1) but gains 2" speed and has a 3rd attack with his two swords. But, his value is in being able to upgrade Uruk-Hai Scouts in his warband to Marauders for 1 point, giving them +2" speed. In the Legendary Legion, he can do this for free and for every scout in the army. Makes him an auto include in the legions, and a strong contender even for straight Isengard. Crucially, like Lurtz, Mauhur also has Heroic March.

Next, coming in at 65 points is Vrasku. Vrasku is a pretty sweet deal for 65 points with a 3+ shooting crossbow, and the ability to fire twice in a turn. He also boasts 3 Might and a Heroic March. I am also wondering if heroic accuracy for a smattering of Uruk Crossbows might not be tasty in the right situation! Seems like a solid purchase at that points level.

Finally, just a good ol' fashioned banner. I believe this guy comes from the Scout command set, but I'll probably use him interchangeably as long as my opponents are okay with that! I can't see myself investing in regular Captains for this force unless I decide to do the Assault on Helm's Deep LL (which, let's be real, I probably will!)

Thanks for checking in!


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