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Cirith Ungol (ish) vs Gondor and Rohan. 400(ish) points. Capture and Control.


After a frustratingly short game, Andrew and I had  bit more time and decided to very quickly whip up two lists mostly to showcase some newly painted models including Shelob and Ingold and company.

The forces of Mordor and Cirith Ungol.

Men of the West.

Deployment! The braziers represent the 5 objectives in this mission. I was pretty curious to see Shelob in action.


Good guys.

Forward! Love that Shelob just effectively ignores terrain.

Shelob charges in, but Royal Guard counter charge the morannons.

Over the next few turns the fights go against the Morannons. Shelob unhorses one Royal Guard but fails to do anything of substance besides soaking wounds for the remainder of the game!

On the right the Men of Minas Tirith hold. Not one goes down all game. Theoden gets involved while Dernhelm heads to the other flank. Ingold and Shagrat duel- with Ingold winning a strike and burning off some of Shagrat's Fate.

One Royal Guard falls, but Dernhelm is on the way. The Morannons start whithering.

Shagrat is caught in an Ingold and Theoden sandwich. Shagrat wins, but fails to strike Theoden.

Mordor is broken while Shelob just flails ineffectively at two Royal Guard. Mordor passes all morale checks though we couldn't find a ruling on if the Morannons get a Stand Fast from Shelob- do Independent Heroes get them? I didn't think so, but in quickly thumbing through the rules I couldn't find it.

Shagrat goes for Theoden while the few remaining Morannons are swamped by Warriors of Minas Tirith.

And just like that- the game on the roll of a 1!

Despite being reduced to 6 models having only killed 1 enemy model, Mordor manages a draw. With 2 VPs from the left objective and 1 VP for scoring a wound on Theoden. Men of the West score 2 VPs for holding the right objective, and 1 VP for breaking Mordor.

Closing Thoughts:
Hey this was a quick fun one. It was neat to see Ingold- I was impressed at his ability to hold is own against the beast that is Shagrat. Zagdush died immediately to Dernhelm... Shelob didn't do anything but I kept rolling her two dice like absolute crap. Need to get her supported! She's a cool model with cool rules.


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