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Riders of Theoden vs The Breaking of the Fellowship in Breakthrough

Game two of our League saw me playing Chris' Breaking of the Fellowship LL. Chris is the man behind the curtain for the league and an awesome opponent- even if he likes all the BS hero LLs (Black Riders, Vanquishers of the Necromancer... but I enjoy suffering it because Chris is awesome!)

As usual, we randomly determined 3 scenarios: Clash by Moonlight, Hold Ground, and Breakthrough. Chris Vetoed Clash by Moonlight (my Throwing Spears are absolute monsters in that!), and I vetoed Hold Ground as it is just a big furball in the center that I was likely to lose.

So, Breakthrough it was!


  • Theoden with Armored Horse & Shield
    • 4x Royal Guard with Horse & Throwing Spears
  • Eomer with Armored Horse, Shield, & Throwing Spears
    • 4x Riders of Rohan with throwing spears
  • Gamling with Horse and Royal Standard
    • 2x Royal Guard with Horse & Throwing Spears
  • Dernhelm with Throwing Spears
    • 1x Rider of Rohan
The Fellowship of the Ring... minus Gandalf plus cloaks and lots of gifts from Galadriel.

Post deployment. The Fellowship is bravely huddled in the shelter of the building in the top left as Chris was wanting to avoid an arc of throwing spears.

Rohan is all on the left while Dernhelm and her rider are center-right.
Really dig Chris' paint job on these guys.

Gonna be honest with you, the game at this point just became an exercise in throwing meat into the grinder. My strategy was to cover the forward 3 objectives and keep the Fellowship as boxed in as possible until I became quartered.

The game was over quite quickly, with Rohan just disintegrating into the Fellowship and dying very very rapidly. Merry, Eowyn, and Eomer were all that remained, but they held two objectives including the "deep" one when the army broke. 

Thus with  from the deep objective, 2 from the central one, Rohan ended the game with 6 total VPs. The Fellowship lost two fights total, and lost one model (sweet baby Peregrin Took). They managed to break me for 1, Hold a center objective for 2, and kill my leader for 2 more earning a very narrow 6-5 for Rohan.

In the end Chris realized he probably could've shielded and heroic marched a bit more to free from the boxing in and last one more turn to get onto at least one more objective which would have possibly turned this narrow victory for Rohan into an absolute crushing defeat for them... thankfully it is a game of objectives and the horse lords had an easier time getting to them.


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