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Rivendell vs Mordor 600 points Heirloom of Ages Past

Andrew and I played an awesome 600 point game, and for the first time tried the "Heirloom of Ages Past" mission.

  • Elrond with heavy armor on horse
    • 4x High Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
    • 3x High Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 1x High Elf Warrior with Banner and Shield
  • Cirdan
    • 4x High Elf Warrior with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 2x High Elf Warrior with Shield
  • Erestor
    • 3x High Elf Warrior with Shield
    • 3x High Elf Warrior with Spear

  • The Witch-King of Angmar with Armored Horse, Crown of Morgul, 3 Might, 5 Will, 3 Fate
    • 6x Morannon Orcs with Shield
    • 6x Morannon Orcs with Spear
    • 1x Morannon Orc with Shield and Banner
    • 2x Orc Warriors with Shield
  • Shagrat, Captain of Cirith Ungol with Shield of Cirith Ungol and Heavy Armour
    • 6x Morannon Orcs with Shield and Spear
    • 1x Mordor Troll
    • 2x Morannon Orc with Shield
    • 3x Orc Warrior with Shield

The board was relatively open with a few tall trees and an Elven outpost. Maelstram of battle saw our forces deployed fairly haphazardly, though the first few turns saw us both forming up as we headed into the center.

Elrond and his warband arrive

Shagrat and Troll Boy enter the board and stalk through a ruin

More of Troll Boy's backside

The Witch King and his forces arrive, shifting to their left to form up with Shagrat

The forces begin forming up and moving inexorably towards the center

On a lucky roll of a 6, a group of greedy orcs from the Witch King's warband find the relic before the lines had clashed!

The forces prepare to square off as the Morannon orc with the relic falls back while staying within Stand Fast! range of the Witch King.

At this point, a few well placed "Wrath of the Bruinen"s from Elrond see the Orc lines just collapse. Orc after orc falls to Elven blades.

Only the Troll has any success in killing Orcs, though multiple black darts get through Elrond's Fate points to place some wounds on him

After this, the Elves are on cautious cleanup. Mordor is broken, but killing too many will see the Relic in their hands! Elrond gets tied up fighting Shagrat, so Erestor and a few warriors push deep into what remains of the Mordor lines to try to get the relic.

Peppered with bow fire, the orc band with the relic begins falling back up the stairs

The Witch-King and Erestor square off as warriors fight their way up the stairs.

Unfortunately, Rivendell can't quite catch the orc with the relic as more and more flee the field in the face of the fiersome Rivendell Warriors. 

RIVENDELL score 2 VPs for breaking the opponent while not being broken, and 1 VP for having a banner surviving for a total of 3.
MORDOR score 6 for holding the relic at the end of the game, 1 for causing a wound to the enemy leader (Shagrat won a combat at the end and very nearly killed Elrond! He had 1 wound remaining), and 1 for having a banner remaining.

8-3 Major victory for Mordor.


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