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Location: Stein’s Folly- Steinsdown
Weather: clear
Time of Day: Afternoon
Mission Briefing: Davion forces have dropped in force on the Highland Peninsula, and Capellan forces have retreated to defensible positions. Sunset company’s task is simple. Attack the city of Steinsdown while Davion forces encircle, cutting off the Capellan’s retreat. Eliminate all resistance with prejudice.

Special rules: The enemy has been cutoff and demoralized. If they roll snake eyes on ANY pilot check; they will eject.

Primary Objective: Eliminate all enemy forces.

The board is set. The pieces are moving. Capellan forces consist of a Cyclops, a Marauder II, a Centurion, and an ultra rare Osprey.

Capellan forces advance to meet their attackers.

Sunset prepares to slug it out.

Sunset pilots from left to right: "Swampass" in a Wolverine. "TP2" in a Banshee. "R.L. Steiner" in the Catapult. "Slowdraw" in the Highlander, and "S.O.S.J." in the Awesome.

Forces prepare to converge.

The Marauder and Enforcer move up Sunset's left flank under heavy fire form the Catapul.

While the Cyclops moves up the middle.

Meanwhile on Sunset's right flank, the Osprey tangles with both the Banshee and the Wolverine- trying to buy time for the other mechs to have an even match... but the Osprey sets a precedent for me to have the worst dice ever.

My face through most of the night. "cool.... another 3"

Centurion all up in the awesome's face... or is it the other way round?

The Osprey puts a significant hurt on the Wolverine which falls over.

The duel in the streets continues.

Finally, the Centurion goes down hard, and the Marauder and Cyclops find themselves in a tight spot.

The Osprey plays hard to get...

But in the end, the Capellans collapse and Sunset is victorious!

The Marauder, Osprey, and Centurion are severely damaged- the Ospey is captured but the Davions claim that salvage as first right due to its rarity.

Thanks for reading! I'll be off for a few weeks, but come back for more Battletech action!


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