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Great Beast of Gorgoroth!

After my first game at the Richmond Open, I couldn't wait to come home and paint this wonderful model that's been sitting primed for a few months. I'm going to play quite a few games with it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to find out if it's really a GREAT beast of Gorgoroth or if it's just an okay beast of Gorgoroth.

For 150 points, there's a lot to love about this model... though it's pretty far from an auto include. First, it bolsters your numbers by 11 (1 for the beast, 1 for the commander, and 9 for the archers inside). Second, it has an ability which I think is of huge value to Mordor: the opportunity to land wounds outside of the fight phase. Orcs just don't win fights, so that ability strikes me as (conditionally) VERY powerful.
Another huge benefit is the archers inside can fire every single turn; even if the beast is engaged in combat. Sure they hit on 5s, but they have the potential to fire even if the beast moved, and as long as the beast is standing they're getting their shots in.

The commander also has two native points of might- which is very important cause this thing REALLY wants to be winning priority. 

It does come with a whole host of drawbacks though. It has very mediocre Fight value (4), no Strike ability, and no Brutal Power Attack capability; which would make it a heck of a lot nastier! But, it can take a beating with 5 wounds and D7. Which is good cause... when it dies the orcs inside are gonna have a bad time. 


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