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Elendil, High King of Gondor and Arnor

As you well know, dear reader, I am a huge Rivendell fan. We can run just about anything from the list in the collection with few exceptions so... what's the obvious next facet for exploration? Allies. What better way to ally than the Last Alliance of Elves and Men?!

This is, obviously, not the official Games Workshop Elendil. I bought the Elendil & Isildur pack when it was available for MTO; but like many I was struggling to figure out how to get Elendil on a horse. Then, a gamer's prayer was answered.

I am a Patreon supporter of Davale Games, and he just so happened to release a "High King" STL in May and I was in love. Such an awesome sculpt! I love it so much and couldn't wait to print it and paint it.

I considered only doing the mounted pose, but I like how this one matches and, frankly, I like it more than the one in the Isildur pack. I'll add Isildur and some Numenorean troops soon, so stay tuned!


  1. It's a really nice figure. Do you leave them the actual scale or scale them down to 90% or so? And do you use ABS style resin? I use water washable and sometimes find that swords can be brittle. Wonderful paint job!

  2. I did not scale this one, but I will often drop a mini I *know* the scale of into the slicer just to check it visually. This guy is about right; a little tall but that feels okay for Numenor! It can be hit or miss.

    I use the default Elegoo Resin:

    I also found that if I UV cure them shorter, the swords have more give. I used to do 5 minutes, now I am down to 90 seconds of UV curing.


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