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650 point Minas Tirith vs The Return of the King LL in Assassination

On the last day of April, I managed to get my 650 point league games in vs Connor and Erin. Connor and I previously faced off at 300 while Erin and I last battled it out at 500. Erin was up first, and made the trek to my place to play... hilariously, just before she got here, my whole block inexplicably lost power. But, the game must go on!

My 650 point list was first taken for a spin against Andrew as a scrimmage round, and I quite liked it. 10 Might on the board, a siege weapon, bows, cavalry, two big hitters, and a solid infantry line. I truly felt like I had all my bases covered.

First of all, again, I apologize for the poor pictures! We lost power and were playing with head lamps. Which, I must say, added to the spookiness of the ghosts. As usual, we are doing a veto system. Erin veto'd Capture and Control due to my cav, and I veto'd Lords of Battle because of Aragorn! We settled on Assassination. We both had two heroes so our assassins and our targets were very clear. editor's note- we forgot my siege veteran is a hero that could've been selected but... I think he would've been even easier to protect than Hurin!

I deployed quite centrally, while Erin split warbands in two. The King of the Dead was trying to avoid the Bolt Thrower.

The first few turns saw a lot of jockeying for position. My plan was to commit the minimal force to tie up the King of the Dead on my right, while swamping Aragorn. Erin was doing her best to be careful about engaging all at once. Due to the darkness and our focus on the game, I was really bad about remembering to snap pictures...

Aragorn's warband hit and Boromir, Hurin, and my Knights responded. Aragorn is just visible fighting Boromir.

As the fight developed, the King of the Dead's warband showed up. Erin's Knights got into my backline, but my Knights were on fire. Aragorn died to Boromir and a Knight despite calling a Heroic Defense. With that flank wrapped up, the majority of the Minas Tirith forces were then able to focus on the King and his warband.

And that's what they did. Boromir got stuck in. Hurin was more conservative as I needed to protect him. 

At the end of the game, the King went down to Boromir, and the host of the dead was broken. 

With my assassination target defeated (but not by my assassin), I scored 5 VPs. The army of the dead were broken, while Minas Tirith was still holding strong for another 3 VPs. Finally, Aragorn fell for 2 VPs more. In the end, the game was a 10-0 for the rebellious forces of Boromir, refusing to accept the Return of the King.

Closing Thoughts: Honestly, this was a pretty uphill fight for Erin, though I do think having the warbands split so far apart really hurt. It mean half of Erin's force could not benefit from Aragorn's banner, but more important I was able to focus on them one at a time. I think a big driver for Erin's decision was the Bolt Thrower, as it can be really quite lethal in this scenario- especially for Aragorn!


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