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Theodred's Guard vs Mordor in Assassination. 700 Points.


Chris and I managed to squeeze in not one, but two games today! Our first matchup was Theodred's Guard vs Mordor with Chris controlling the forces of evil. We rolled for three scenarios and used the veto system to settle on Assassination.

I've come to really like the Theodred's Guard list... though the lack of access to Heroic Strike is tough.

This looked like a pretty fun matchup! I was very curious to see if Shelob did more in this game since she did not impress me in her first outing.

Initial board setup. I was going for a "hammer and anvil" with the line of Royal Guards and Helmingas intending to get stuck in while my cavalry swept around. The terrain was problematic for both of us, but Chris was really going to need to funnel through. I chose Goroth as my target (Having totally forgot about "come here, maggot!") with Grimbold as my assassin. 

On turn one, I skirmish a bit pulling back to get some throwing spear shots in. But... they mostly bounce off that Morannon armor.

All of a sudden we have a broad engagement across the front. Warg Riders race in to tie up my cavalry. 

In the first round of combat, Goroth bashes my Captain into the ground. The flash kill leaves my Captain's 2 points of might on the table un-used. Ouch! Chris had chosen the Captain as his target but, as I find out later, Shelob is his assassin. Shelob struggles to beat up two Rohirrim.

Aside from the Captain, our exchanges are pretty even. Elfhelm finds himself stuck in- calling a heroic defence vs Goroth which saves his life.

The Rohirrim start to cut through the Warg Riders and get stuck in.

Shelob continues failing duel after duel. Kardush eats an orc to refill his Will and then channels a Flameburst into Elfhelm. Elfhlem's horse miraculously survives but he himself is left with 1 wound, no fate, and... he's on fire.

Gothmog finishes off Elfhelm, but just before Grimbold Heroic combats into Goroth and goes for it...

Grimbold and his support score three wounds on Goroth who proceeds to roll a "1" on his "Come Here Maggot" save. WHAT?! What a turn around- I was expected to need to fight Goroth for many more turns to bring him down. Quite a turn.

Now the Rohan hammer stroke is falling. Theodred gets into Gothmog, un-horsing him. Just behind him, his loyal Royal Guards push through and engage Kardush. Gothmog called "Time of the Orc" this turn... and Chris then proceeds to lose every. single. duel...

Excet for Shelob who wins a fight on a monstrous charge and eats two helmingas! Yay!

Now it starts coming undone for Mordor. Theodred charges Gothmog and rides him down. In the same turn, two Royal Guards and a Helminga take down Kardush. 

With that, the game comes to a close!

Theodred's Guard scores 7 VPs because Grimbold (my assassin) got VERY lucky to take down Goroth (my target). Rohan also scores 2 VPs for killing Gothmog, and 3 VPs for breaking Mordor without being broken.

Mordor scores 5 VPs for killing their target. For a grand total of 12-5 win for Theodred's Guard.

Closing Thoughts: You know, had Goroth not died to what was, frankly, a fluke I think this game could've been a lot closer. Still, Royal Guard with throwing Spears are just awesome! Shelob wasn't worth the points here, but in both games we've used her she's gotten tied up with Warriors. I think I have a better idea how to use her moving forward.


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