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Rivendell vs Mordor in Seize the Prize - 800 Points

Hot on the heels of not one, but two defeats at the hands of Andrew's Mordor list in the last few weeks, I was once again ready to bang my head against the wall of Morannon Orcs. This time, however, we rolled Seize the Prize- Andrew's wall of Morannons doesn't have a ton of mobility aside from Guritz's Marches so I was eager to save the priceless elven relic from falling into the hands of evil.

Our lists did not change since our last game:


Deployment was pretty straightforward, but I was sure excited to be using the new Autumn Woods

Standard Elven formation- with a two swordsmen dedicated to rear guard duty to keep the Witch King from doing nasty stuff to me!

The forces of evil. So many Orcses!

Well, turn one was in Good's favor in a big way. I called a heroic March with Boromir but also lost priority. 

I sent one of my Knights right to the relic- who dismounted and dug it up. Andrew couldn't really respond to that on the first turn.

On turn two, I won priority and kept the Witch King from any shenanigans by getting the relic into Glorfindel's hand. Who quickly made a play up the sideline.

As the lines converge, Andrew shifts some forces to try to block Glorfindel.

On turn three Andrew has priority and I do not call any moves. The Witch King black darts Asfaloth, but Glorfindel's Horse Lord Fate points save him. The lines converge, but no one's hearts are in it. This is about Glorfindel running up the sidelines now.

Glorfindel charges a single Black Numenorean. Before hand I even get Cirdan into range to hit him with Enchanted Blades. Not leaving anything to chance. Glorfindel calls the heroic combat...

And predictably slingshots. He's basically home free now unless the Witch King can get very lucky.

Another black dart hits Asfaloth (Andrew dumped like 6 will into it!). Andrew rolls the 1 to wound and spends his remaining might to score it.. and Glorfindel saves it with the last of his fate rolls.

Andrew's last chance. I win priority on the final turn. He moved Guritz into range of the WK on the previous turn and calls a Heroic move. Glorfindel also calls and... wins the rolloff.

With that we decide the rest of the game isn't worth playing as Andrew has no ability to score more than 3 by breaking me without being broken since my hero is safely off the board and got the 7 points for the relic.

Closing Thoughts: I mean... was this a satisfying game? Not really. Was it interesting to see things come together in the list? Yes. Andrew pondered adding some additional mobility to, if not catch him, be able to block big plays like this with some hope... but in the end it's the scenario and the matchup and this one favored Rivendell big.


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