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Hobby Bingo- January


Hobby Bingo is fun! I'll keep up with this throughout the year. For the most part I'll grade pretty much "by the book". So far I've accomplished (or will have accomplished by this time tomorrow!) three.

-Start a New Army. While I obtained Minas Tirith in 2022, I didn't put paint to brush on the majority of the troops until this year. We also saw Gondor on the table for the first time, with Andrew driving them to victory.

-Attend a Middle Earth Gaming event. Well, tomorrow is the final round of "To War!" an awesome escalation tournament series of which I've written several tournament reports. So, pending life getting in the way, I will be rolling dice within 24 hours of this being published! This should also satisfy "Play a game against an opponent you have never played before" unless all of my opponents are repeats.

-Read or Listen to the Hobbit/Lord of the Rings. I actually finished reading the Two Towers last night, and started on Return of the King. So, marking this done. Will finish up the book in a week or two. By the way, I highly recommend re-reading them if it's been a while for you! They're still SO GOOD.

-I'm sorry, but I just can't watch the entirety of the Hobbit Trilogy. I know plenty of folks like it, but I just cannot make it through it- I tried mid last year. 

Excited to keep track of this!


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