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The Slap Chop Troll Boy


If you've been keeping your eyes on various painting chats around the internet, a new dark lord has emerged. One painting technique to rule them all, with the nefarious moniker "Slap Chop." If you want to skip YouTube videos targeting the 10 minute mark to chase your advertising bucks, I can sum it up for you quickly. (Though the video is good- just poking some fun)

  • Spray the model black
  • Heavily drybrush the model a medium grey
  • Drybrush white on the most raised parts of the model
  • Paint the model carefully with contrast paint (thin down at your leisure)
This troll was the first model I gave it a shot with and I am really quite happy with the results. I don't love the yellow-ish color I chose for the skin tone (Aggaros Dunes) but, it's fine. The other bits are Spacewolves Grey.

After the initial grey drybrush and white highlighting

I am really a fan of the technique as one of my least favorite things with contrast painting is that mistakes- or rather areas left untouched by the brush- show up as white. This is glaring against the rest of the model... while black or grey sort of blends in like a shadow. 

As I was wrapping the model up

I think if I were to do it again I would go even heavier on the grey/white although... I really am happy to have this troll look a little darker than he otherwise would with regular contrast.

Give it a shot! You may enjoy it! I love painting quickly and getting results fast. It's not gonna win any awards, and Troll Boy gets why. Don't you, Troll Boy?


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