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Rivendell vs Mordor in Domination at 500 points

Rivendell and Mordor vie for control of a once beautiful valley now reduced to ruin by constant war! Gil-Galad himself leads the elf forces and squares up against the Witch King of Angmar and some turncoat Numenoreans


  • Gil-Galad, High King with Shield and Horse
    • 6x High-Elf Warriors with Shields
    • 6x High-Elf Warriors with Bows and Spears
    • 1x High-Elf Warrior with Banner, Shield, and Spear
  • Cirdan the Shipwright
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shields
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Bows and Spears
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Spears and Shields
I don't recall the exact Mordor list but it was Witch King on Horse with the Crown and a Black Numenorean Marshall on horse with shield and lance. Then 6 black Numenoreans, a Troll, a Morannon with shield and banner and a smattering of Morannons with some combo of spears and shields.

The forces deploy right on top of each other! It's gonna be a slug match right from the start.

Rivendell forces leave a Gil-Galad sized hole in the line

The Witch King hides from elf arrows, directing his dark magic at the elves from afar.

The lines smash in! Cirdan weaves magic to assist the elves as Gil-Galad bravely charges the troll.

Several rounds of combat go back and forth with a Black Dart taking out Gil-Galad's horse and the Witch King directing transfixes at the Elven king.

Orc forces begin pushing outwards for objectives. Elf Archers pull back to try to cover them, and their shots are true! (Seriously I rolled SO MANY 6s with my archers...) Gil Galad fells the Troll before turning his attention to the Black Numenorean Marshal.

The elves give better than they get and the scales start tipping in their favor.

The Witch King keeps slinging compels and transfixes at Gil-Galad but has to redirect his attention to an objective as the Mordor forces near breaking

This archer dropped 2 orcs in a row, and then unhorsed the Witch King while holding an objective. Truly a hero of the Eldar.

The Witch King unhorsed and unchallenged holds an objective as the game comes to a close.

In the end, Rivendell managed to score 2 clear and 1 contested objectives for 5 points and broke the Mordor army for 1 more to a total of 6. Mordor holds one objective marker, scoring 2. Leaving the final tally at 6-2 for Rivendell.


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