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Rivendell vs Azog's Hunters in Retrieval at 600pts

This was a superb game I witnessed between Andrew and Eric! Looked like a lot of fun with a whole lot of back and forth. I'll do my best to recreate what happened below, though it will mostly be in broad strokes and summary!


  • Bolg on Fell Warg
    • Hunter Orc with Banner on Fell Warg
    • 3x Hunter Orc on Fell Warg
  • Fimbul the Hunter
    • 4x Hunter Orc with Orc Bow
  • Narzug on Fell Warg
    • 7x Hunter Orc with Orc Bow
    • 5x Hunter Orc
  • Yazneg on Fell Warg with Lance
    • 2x Fell Warg
  • Glorfindel with Asfaloth and Armor of Gondolin
    • 4x High-elf Warriors with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 4x High-Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
    • 1x High-Elf Warrior with Shield, Spear, and Banner
  • Arwen Undomiel with Horse
    • 2x High-elf Warriors with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
  • Cirdan the Shipwright
    • 2x High-elf Warriors with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
As mentioned, the game was Retrieval. The pair vetoed Seize the prize and Divide and Conquer.

Deployment saw both battle lines sizing each other up across the middle. Bolg and company started much closer, with Rivendell adopting a more defensive position around their objective (the barrel in the top right)

Arwen inspiring the troops

Bolg atop the longest boi driving the orcs with fear

For the next few turns I am horrible at taking pictures and miss a good chunk of the approach. The combination of blinding light and Elf bows devastates hunter orcs with not much in return. But the mounted Orcs and wargs press into the elven lines.

Bolg and Yazneg and the other mounts scuffle with the elves on the right flank. Glorfindel eliminates... Yazneg I think his name is?

Hunter orcs continue to fall to elf arrows as they begin to shift left, hoping to avoid the worst of the ranged fire

On the right flank, the fighting intensifies with Bolg and Glorfindel vying back and forth in several duels.

The crippling elf bow fire devastates the Hunter Orcs who have only three remaining- they fall back to cover the objective as the elf archers begin a swift advance as breakpoints approach.

Arwen rushes to Glorfindel's aid and calls upon the might of the bruinen...

To absolutely devastating effect! 

However... amidst the distraction one warg races past and just manages to pickup the elf objective!!

The elven archers are nowhere near the orc objective- but the orcs are almost broken! The game ends on a 1 or a 2 once that has ocurred.

As he watches his comrades fall around him, Bolg summons his inner hatred and slays Glorfindel...

The elf archers shoot down the Warg with their objective... but are heartbreakingly far from the orc objective AND one turn away from restoring their own objective to its starting position when the game ends.

Wow! That was a crazy one to see- Azog's Hunters snuck out 3 points right at the end. 2 points for killing Glorfindel, and 1 point for moving the objective. Rivendell, on the other hand, score 1 point for getting a wound on Bolg and 2 points for breaking the enemy force without being broken. A 3-3 draw for a game that was a ton of fun to watch!


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