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Riders of Theoden vs Rivendell in Destroy the Supplies 600 points


Andrew and I got our official league game in, and it was a doozy! After our warmup, I was feeling better about my chances. On paper I thought "how can Rohan possibly beat Rivendell? Their warriors are so much better", but after actually playing them I realized that yes, Rivendell win fights, but they struggle to bring home the wounds. Conversely, on the fights Rohan wins (especially on the charge) they have a very good chance of pushing wounds through.


  • Theoden with Armored Horse & Shield
    • 4x Royal Guard with Horse & Throwing Spears
  • Eomer with Armored Horse, Shield, & Throwing Spears
    • 4x Riders of Rohan with throwing spears
  • Gamling with Horse and Royal Standard
    • 2x Royal Guard with Horse & Throwing Spears
  • Dernhelm with Throwing Spears
    • 1x Rider of Rohan
  • Glorfindel with Asfaloth and Armor of Gondolin
    • 4x High-elf Warriors with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 4x High-Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
    • 1x High-Elf Warrior with Shield, Spear, and Banner
  • Arwen Undomiel with Horse
    • 2x High-elf Warriors with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
  • Cirdan the Shipwright
    • 2x High-elf Warriors with Elf Bow and Spear
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield
    • 2x High-Elf Warriors with Shield and Spear
Per our league rules, three scenarios are selected at random and we roll a die to see who vetoes first. We rolled Contest of Champions, Destroy the Supplies, and Heirloom of Ages past. Naturally, I vetoed Contest of Champions because Glorfindel is a monster and Theoden is an old man. Andrew was faced with a very difficult decision here- both weren't great for him vs a cav army, but in the end he chose Destroy the Supplies. 

The board from the Rohan perspective with one warband deployed

The board from the Rivendell perspective

Post deployment. Rohan loads up the left flank with Dernhelm and friend on the right. Andrew mostly covers two objectives with his forces.

The first turns of the game see Rohan advance rapidly with a Heroic March from Gamling. 

The Elven lines just before Cirdan is lost and thundering horses crash into them.

Shooting in the first two turns is successful for both parties- Rohan loses a Rider of Rohan and a Royal Guard, and one of each is also unhorsed. Throwing spears, however, are on point... with 3 wounds pushing through on Cirdan and killing one archer. With Cirdan dead before the lines have clashed, Andrew is on his backfoot.

The lines clash. A hole in the line allows a Royal Guard to engage Arwen and Glorfindel. Theoden calls Death! and Eomer is able to punch through and engage Arwen. Arwen wisely calls Heroic Defence, and survives the ordeal but is unhorsed.

After this, the game devolves into a furball. Dernhelm meets up with the lines after taking out a small contingent covering the middle objective, and the central objective also falls to Rohan. Arwen attemps a Wrath of the Bruinen, but Gamling's single point of Will negates it, moments before he falls to Glorfindel's wrath.

As the fight draws to an end, Rohan breaks the Rivendell forces- a lone High Elf warrior on his way to destroy some Rohan supplies unfortunately fails his courage check leaving the elves stuck in a quagmire with the remaining Rohirrim.

In the end, it's a grim outlook for Rivendell. Rohan scores 8 points: 6 for destroying all 3 supplies. 2 for breaking Rivendell without being broken. Rivendell scores 2- for having a banner remaining when the opponent has none.

8-2 for Rohan.

Final view of the board

Conclusion: Honestly, nabbing Cirdan with throwing spears was huge. His Aura of Dismay is really powerful- even though I have a lot of Royal Guards, all of my heroes and my 5 Riders can and have been affected by it. Andrew probably should have elected to Blinding Light on that turn instead, however, I moved second so he didn't know I was going to both Heroic March and be laser focused on Cirdan with throwing spears. Luck was very much on my side- from Gamling countering Arwen's Wrath, to throwing spears causing probably 7 or 8 wounds in total, to winning crucial roll offs. Luck was with the Children of Eorl.


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